Someone is ruining our robot

So we have 2 periods to work on our robot. Sometime during the day someone is ruining our robot. All of the work we did yesterday was taken completely off and disappeared. One of the other teams we know is copying us but we don’t think too much of it since the time we’re in there I’m always by the robot. Yesterday I was absent so I wasn’t in there at all. My team is in band for the extra period. I’m worried if we wait too long to find out who it is, they might completely destroy it. The last of a certain gear we built the robot around so it functions, was taken off and filed down. Can you please tell us what to do? I’m dumbfounded and super worried. We have worked countless hours on it and I would cry if it was ruined. Vex staff, please give us some advice. I would’ve left this on a different discussion but there wasn’t one on it.

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