Southern California like weather in Kentucky for Vex World Championships

Local forecast for this week looks good at
The only downside is it is spring and tree pollen is high!

Except for the rain :frowning:

I just think we’ll be lucky if we get there and we don’t have to get sand bags to keep our pits dry. :rolleyes: That would suck… I also don’t wanna see the expo-center sign floating down the Ohio river.

The Fairgrounds is nowhere near the river. It lost part of its roof on April 3, 1974-- but is otherwise fairly high and dry. So just pay attention for tornado warning sirens.

A flood risk map of Louisville shows that the airport and Expo center are fairly safe, at least relative to the north western part of the city. But I don’t think they are expecting anything like the rain they got about 10 days ago (when they got about 6-8 inches of rain in one day).

There is a warning that the Ohio river is going to be reaching flood point between Friday afternoon to Saturday evening… As issued by the national weather service. You might want to avoid the water front at that time…

So last year in Anaheim it was minor earthquakes and this year it’s a flood? Are we, like, on the Biblical Events Tour or something?

Anyway, I found a link to the river gauge.

The projected “flood” amount is only a few inches, though.