[SpamBot] explains how to interface with EDR for a custom purpose

The fact is that VEX EDR especially for the VEX Cortex and VEX IQ and VEX V5 is a closed communications system. This is natural since IFI sponsors VEX contests and wants to give every student a level playing field.

In order for you to interface to VEX EDR using custom applications, you need to look into using a Raspberry Pi 3 with built-in Wi-Fi and an RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Then you can start developing your own TCP/IP Clients and Servers…

Or you could use two cups and a string to communicate.


Should we use a Raspberry Pi 3 for sure, wouldn’t an Apple IIe be a better choice? It’s hard for me to figure out since there is fruit coding involved.


I had the idea of using either an ESP32 or ESP8266 to communicate with a cortex via I2C which would also allow for the control of it over a simple web server or Bluetooth, but in practice I don’t know how well this would work out


Let’s keep the probing and Turing-testing contained in one thread:

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@JamsG, I have mixed feelings about posting to the SpamBot thread.

On one hand it got to be deleted, because OP seems to be very prolific poster but, on the other hand, @TriDragon posts above are funny enough to keep it alive :slight_smile:

To answer your question about controlling your robot with an alternative interface here are some relevant prior art threads:

Finally, if your project doesn’t require a lot of motors or sensors, you can control 393 motors directly from an ESP8266 module from the browser on your smart phone:

This library was developed by one of our teams and the source code is freely available from the github.


Can someone explain what this turing test is? I know wha it means, but is this an actual spambot? If it is, why is it not banned?

Turing tests are basically designed to differentiate between a bot and a human, where communication is restricted to through keyboard and mouse.

Unlike probably all previous bots on this forum, this one has exhibited some clear and convincing human-like qualities, so it was (and still is I’m sure, by some people’s interpretations) uncertain whether they are truly a bot or not. Hence, the moderators have not (yet?) made a judgement to ban the bot.

Yes we are pretty certain that it is an actual SpamBot. There were a bunch of topics it created earlier, that @DRow had already deleted, where it would try to sell us bogus e-books and magazines with VEX sounding descriptions for around $16. Here is an example:


We have interrogated it in this thread and 84% of the observers concluded that it is a hybrid system where spambot is augmented by the human operator to answer the most tricky questions.

Here are the test results (thanks @Sylvie for setting up the poll):


As @Barin said, it is up to the moderators to decide to either ban it all together or keep it around for entertainment and educational purposes.

However, unless the operators of the spambot farm decide that vexforum is a waste of their resources, they will just keep coming back under different account names.


Lol, @GalaxyGhost voted that the’'re a human. (The far left profile pic in the human list)

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Reading the previews on the $17 books, I can firmly say that I wasn’t impressed by the content. Literally every journal had the same few introductory paragraphs, and the only thing that changed was the cover art with table of contents.

Also, I get the appeal of using a Raspberry Pi, but isn’t there literally anything else I could use? I have a deconstructed Linksys wireless router. @GalaxyGhost why can’t I use that?


Saying that the’re a human is just what a robot would say

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We are watching, but most mods are traveling back from worlds today.

We know. So far the SpamBot attack had been mostly entertaining and TL3 users have plenty of tools at their disposal.

The forum immune system is in the process of training to recognize invading accounts and topics, tag them [SpamBot], and quarantine in the Chit-Chat channel.

Some TL3s, clearly, had too much fun with title edits, but that is stabilizing now. :slight_smile: