Spin one side of Drivetrain in Vex Pro V5

Is it possible to spin one side of a drivetrain?

I have the drivetrain set up like this

What I’m trying to do is to clamp the alliance goal at the side of the balance in Tipping Point, then spin the left side motors of the drivetrain to make a quicker turn to the neutral goals. What would I need to code for that?

Thank you

I don’t think there is a way to spin only one side with the drivetrain set up. The only way to do this would be to have your drive code use individual motors or motor groups for each side, and then use functions to get it to work all as one thing like you would with the normal drivetrain, which is much more intense in terms of coding but if you have the time it would level up your code and what you can do during auton.


Ok I’ll start trying to get that sorted out, thank you.

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I’m sorry about that by the way. I wish I could be more help. As someone who has used functions in past years and the drivetrain feature this year, it is so much easier to set up and I know it’s a pain having to switch it. Good luck mate.

assume you are using VEX pro, you can do it.
motorgroupleft.spin(forward, 100, percent);

please read the API document you should be able to find the answer.

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When a “drivetrain” is configured, behind the scenes individual motors and motor groups are defined (but not loaded into the autocomplete). You can manually address these devices to move just one motor/group.