Spin Up - Final TrueSkill Rankings and a note to 515R

I’ve updated my TrueSkill rankings after World’s and will leave them up until Over Under competitions begin - http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

I attended World’s with both my sons; seeing them compete together on the same team this year has been very rewarding for me. Starting from Mall of America through World’s, we’ve made great memories together and met wonderful people along the way.

I do want to make special mention of a team that the VRC community clearly respects. I remember meeting @Ben at the Tipping Point Vex Under the Tent competition in Michigan and talking with his Dad. I also remember meeting @Logan-515 and his family the year before at the Change Up Vex Under the Tent in Michigan (shout-out to Michigan’s EPs for host fantastic events over the years!). Their talent, skill, and humility was evident then, as it is now. I was thrilled at the class Ben showed in his interview with Grant in the Dome (as well as all the love the crowd showed him), where we all likely believed he would be as a competitor. Ben and Logan have both epitomized what it means to be a competitor - talent, hard work, character, humility and always driving to improve. It’s clear this community sees that and aspires to be like them.

Before heading to World’s my sister-in-law sent me something that’s been making the rounds a bit. After the NBA’s Bucks were unexpectedly eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, Giannis Antetokounmpo - their star player - was asked if that meant the season was a “failure”. His response was one for the ages:

Do you get a promotion every year? In your job? No, right? So every year you work is a failure? Yes or no? No. Every year you work, you work towards something, towards a goal — which is to get a promotion, to be able to take care of your family, provide a house for them, or take care of your parents. You work towards a goal — it’s not a failure. It’s steps to success. I don’t want to make it personal. There’s always steps to it. Michael Jordan played 15 years, won six championships. The other nine years was a failure? … It’s the wrong question

There’s no failure in sports. There’s good days, bad days, so days you are able to be successful — some days you’re not. Some days it’s your turn, some days it’s not your turn. That’s what sports is about. You don’t always win — so other people are going to win, simple as that. We’re going to come back next year, try to be better, try to build good habits , try to play better.

You will all stumble on the way and fall short of goals, but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

To all the graduating seniors, I hope you will always have fond memories of VRC, that you’ve met some incredible people who will be lifelong friends and who have shaped you in positive ways. Go out and be the best and most kind people you can be as you take your steps to success!


Wow! These are beautiful and inspiring words! I will be sure to keep this in mind from now on!
Thanks for this! :heart:


I mentored a team that stumbled into MS Worlds last year, but worked hard to make it again this year, as freshman. What a different experience HS Worlds is. It was amazing for the team in a lot ways, but one big one was interacting with teams they’d been aware of and following all year long. It humanized the event, and the people, and made it much more memorable than last year. I hope they continue to work hard, improve, and make it again.


As someone who had the opportunity to compete with and against 515 at several tournaments and scrims, I’d like to add to what you’ve said here.

First is the sheer success they had this season. At the 14 regular season events they attended, 515R won every one, including six sigs. They came away with skills and excellence at most and finished the season with 39 awards. There is no doubt in my mind that they could have attended 14 more tournaments and won them all too if they wanted. 515R was the single most dominant team I have ever seen in my six quick years of vex.

Second is their dedication. Ben and Logan were never afraid to be original. They invented the double roller, the distance sensor odom reset, and weren’t scared of building a vertical flywheel before the biggest signature event of the season. Ben is ridiculously strong-willed when it comes to winning on and off the field. As Samuel and I would say, “Ben just has that dawg in him.” At Kalahari, we brought our robots to the field early as a strategy because Ben thought it might rush the other team into setting up their robots quickly too. Logan’s notebook is the single best-written and cleanest notebook I’ve ever seen. I read all 300+ pages like a novel. As a team they were so meticulous and analytical in everything they did.

More than that, Ben and Logan are two of the nicest, humblest, and most excellent kids I’ve ever met. Even at worlds, after 515R was knocked out of the tournament, Ben and Logan came to watch our division, and Ben gave us driving tips just to push our season a little further despite his being ripped away. They were always willing to help and to discuss, and they truly embodied their motto of Passing It On. In my mind, they are the true example of how the game, the robot game and the people game, is meant to be played.


@Mentor_355v Thank you for the mention and nice post.

We really appreciate you creating and maintaining the VRC-data-analysis website. It has been a helpful tool and fun to look at!

We agree with the basketball player quote you posted above. It sums up how we feel and are still proud of our season despite an unfortunate end. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!


Thank you for your care towards the robotics community, in both your support and positivity. VRC data analysis has personally helped me immensely in documentation, with its detailed analysis of our performance, as well as the performance of our competitors. You have always been kind and uplifting to me and my sister, during my time on 41091a, as well as with @Ben in 515R. It is people like you, with a positive attitude, and empathy, who have added to this experience and journey. I am grateful.

Thank you as well for the thoughtful, and humbling, message you have written to Ben and me.

I wish you, your sons, all of the graduating seniors, and this year’s competitors, great success.


Are you and your teammate planning on doing Vex U?

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