Hi! We just qualed for worlds and us along with our 2 other teams need around 5k for registration, transportation and hotels. Suggestions for how to get sponsors?

Gofundme and kindly email local companies

Also there was a guide posted here by @Anjo548W . You should definitely read it.


As @RoboCatz said, emailing local companies is likely the best way to get sponsorships. Applying for grants will likely result in larger contributions, but will take more time to receive. Here is the Guide that is being referred to in the previous post.
The Guide to Getting Sponsors for your Robotics Team


In the past I had great success soliciting sponsors through the local chamber of commerce. They will have an email list of all the local businesses and are usually willing to send out a letter if you make it simple enough for them to copy/paste.


Community banks - go where the money is :slight_smile: they tend to support school activities. Be sure to have a good two pager about your club, connection to community, and accomplishments and needs to attend this prestigious event.

Good luck!


Thanks for this! Would the letter go out to every business in the area or just a select few? Also what would you recommend we include in the letter?

Basically what @lacsap just described. Have a couple of sponsorship levels. You’ll be surprised at how fast $100 donations add up.

First thing, hit up the all the businesses for which your students’ parents’ work. After that, scout out for businesses that you might have seen sponsoring youth baseball/soccer teams, because they have a method in place for sponsoring youth stuff.

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