sprocket and chain

since i don’t already have a sprocket and chain kit, should i buy one now, or wait til the new improved kit comes out? i’m afraid the stock market might get so low that the price will go skyrocketing…

i forgot to ask…has anyone ever had their original sprocket and chain fail? cuz if they hadn’t then the new kit would seem kinda useless

My sprocket and chain kit has not failed to date. If used properly and under the proper circumstances I see no reason why it should fail in the first place


Same here. My team does not like chain for some reason. Apparently because it breaks, even though I mave never had them break.

Sprocket and Chain kits are great as long as they’re not being put under too much stress. I wouldn’t suggest using it to move an entire arm assembly, for example.

Our team used sprocket and chain on the 2 front drive wheels (we wanted the motors mounted on top of the wheels to make room for a manipulator). It broke in 3 of 9 matches, due to collisions with other robots (including one alliance partner). Bad idea.

If you’re doing a 1:1 reduction, and you don’t care what size sprockets you use (i.e. 10:10 is just as good as 48:48) use the largest sprockets possible. This will put the least load on the chain when the wheel is subjected to a shock-load. I’ve found that using the big sprockets 1:1 works GREAT in a drivetrain. (Thanks Ty!)


These will be VERY different kits. It depends what kind of loads you are expecting. Also, I don’t have any release information on the new kit, so it is probably a ways off. Your call. I bet you would have fun with the existing kit. Just use it wisely and don’t put too much load on a single chain. (Double chains = double strength!)


My sprocket and chain kit will pop if I put a big load on it. It’s annoying and I’ve probably broken 20 links already.

Make sure you’re not putting any side stresses on it. That is the easiet way to break chain.

That’s so true. People have a vendetta towards chain, for no particular reason.

Did the chain on your BB bot break?

If the stock market crashed so greatly that the price of a chain kit would absolutely skyrocket, there would be more important things to worry about.

well, if you use bigger pinion and spur gears, then you have to use more chain. i don’t see how this will provide any relief; more chain will be on the sprocket, but the same will be stretching across the two gears, so the same amount of weak points and strain.

Actually there is a praticular reason. It broke every other match on us for QQ. It isnt against all chain, just the plastic chain.

LOL! Nice comment.

My mistake. I only saw it break one time.