Starstruck Worlds Finals?

Has anyone uploaded the Starstruck World Championship Finals to Youtube yet? I’ve been searching for a while, even putting the team names into the search bar. If anyone could find it for me that would be great!

Thanks Zach

Does anybody know what the deal was with HS final 2? Looked like the red alliance got disconnected for a while. Why wasn’t it replayed?

@Brian_9605A ok, i was muted on my other account for reasons best left unsaid, @9065_parker however, yes the feild disconnected red for 15 seconds during round 2, however when we went to challenge the game, the referee said that it was our fault, for having our controllers on orange, and that the simultaneous disconnection was a “coincidence”, and that the game would’nt be replayed

I dont mean to belittle the situation, but it was only a five second disconnection (3:10 to 3:15 in the video) and only one blue robot was still active, because 86868 was also disconnected for five seconds.

@Bryan R yes, however any fault in the feild shoild be replayed, no?

That is correct. I was more surprised that the tip in F1 didnt cause a DQ

@Bryan R yeah, my team was really upset about both the call, and the fact that @karthik was digging on our team for driving across the fence.

Ya… I feel like after repeat offenses, even if they are not on purpose, a team should be punished for tipping other robots over.