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Hey I’m a beginner programmer and would like to know if there are any good sites (preferably free because free is the best price) for programming to learn I’m open to all ideas.

RobotC or EasyC?

Here are some resources to look at for RobotC:
Video Trainer:

Video Trainer:

thank you that was very helpful and yes i was talking about robotc

Free robotics programming training, you say? We (ROBOTC) have just started our Summer of Learning program for the 2015 summer session. This summer program is centered around the VEX IQ platform, but you can use the free Virtual Worlds licenses that we provide when you sign up for the VEX Cortex platform as well. This license is valid until the end of summer (Sept 1st 2015).

You can also view and go through the VEX Cortex Video Trainer using ROBOTC at any time, which is available for use (free of charge) through (direct link below). You can use this in combination with the Summer of Learning license to learn the programming concepts, rules, and syntax, which carry directly over to the physical VEX Cortex robot programming.

Robotics Summer of Learning 2015:
ROBOTC main page:
VEX Cortex Video Trainer using ROBOTC: [

Let me know if you have any questions about ROBOTC, Virtual Worlds, or the Summer of Learning and I’ll be more than happy to help!](

Basically Kevin covered the official sources. That’s where I learned my ROBOTC basics. Search VEX forum – you might find things like this that might give you some ideas.

Check out my channel also. Sorry I didn’t intend it for beginners because some basic programming knowledge and those ROBOTC blogs can well get you started on basics, but nonetheless you might find something helpful there.

Have fun programming!

wow thats cool thx guys!!! :D:p:):D:cool:

My Blog: Covers some more advanced topics, and I’m working on a few more topics. Also, by the end of the summer there’ll be a nice book written by myself for control systems in VEX. Just my 2 seconds of shameless self-promotion!

I learned by by more experienced members of the team, and inspected their code and asked them about it when i didn’t know what that exact bit did. Im sure the programmers on your “team tree” would be willing to help you.:slight_smile:

Why did u comment your 2 feet away from me

but thx MR. Stardust