Starting Dimensions

I know the robot needs to be contacting the floor within the 13” x 20” at the start of a match, but can a part of the robot extend past the 13” x 20” if it is not contacting the floor? Thanks!

According to rule G3: During the Match, Robots may not expand beyond the 13”x20” area they were limited to at the start of the Match. However, Robots are permitted to expand beyond the 15” height restriction they were limited to at the start of the Match. Violations of this rule will result in a warning for minor offenses that do not affect the match. Egregious (score affecting) offenses will result in a Disqualification. Teams who receive multiple warnings may also receive a Disqualification, at the head referee’s discretion.

The robot may never expand larger than 13 x 20 at any point during the match.

Is this inside the black line or up to the outside of the black line on the field?

Outside. The white square is 11x11", the black line adds 1" on each side.

What constitutes ‘expanding beyond the 13x20 starting position’? For example, a team using the Ike design would be in violation of this rule if their starting position is facing away from the wall (as soon as the arms expand, the rule is violated). However, if the team begins side-on to the wall, then the Ike design is not in violation. This has implications for the programming skills challenge as this consideration would affect the starting position.

It is not tied to the starting position. A clawbot could start facing the fence with the plow all the way up, in the legal starting position. Also, the starting position on the floor is about 19", and the overhang over the wall will get you up to 20".

The robot can move and change shape. The robot can start 13" wide by 20" long, shrink to 13x13, the expand to 20" wide by 13" long.

As long as a 13x20 box could be placed over the robot at any time.

I hope that makes it more clear.

My confusion in this comes in how you measure during the “range of motion”. For example, if you look at Figure 9 in the game manual, that robot is clearly out of compliance. However, what if the tail on the robot moved up at the same rate as the front claw. So if you measured it at the point in Figure 9 when the tail raises, it would still only be 20" long. However, you would have to move the robot back in the “Box” to measure the 20". Or, as I have understood it, you measure it with the wheels fixed in one place; thus you would not slide the base and remeasure. Any help here is appreciated.

As long as the robot always fits in the box, it’s good.

We have had several different experiences with inspection at competitions. Does the robot (picture posted here) pass inspection? The same robot passed one time and did not pass the next. Want to make sure it is legal before heading into the State Championship. Thank you!



Mrs.B: from the pictures, the robot looks legal. Measuring from one end to the other, it appears to be 20 inches, which is legal. Hopefully, the state tournament will have more experienced inspectors.

The robot can be designed to move in many different ways. In some cases, if you extend all the robot parts as wide (or as long) as possible, robot will be outside of the size range (13X20). However, if your scoring choreography doesn’t require that all parts of robot to be extended, your robot might still stay compliant with the size rule. Just make sure your drivers (and program) move the robot in a synchronized fashion such that the robot never exceed the size limitation during the run. For example, if your robot has to extend the tail to catch balls, make sure the front claw is retracted to give more space for the tail in the back to extend out. So overall, your robot never goes beyond the imaginary size box around it.
Now, regarding the question on how to enforce the rule, it could be very challenge. Inspectors could ask your team to move the robot as it’s designed to move/score and check if the robot still fits inside the size box. The referee at the tournaments usually keeps an eye out for that as well. last year at world, a couple robots were placed inside the size box during the match and was DQed due to size violations. Hope this helps.

Can the robot be touching the wall at the start?


<G4> At the beginning of a Match, each Robot must:
**a. Only be contacting the Floor. **
b. Fit within a 11” x 20” area, bounded by the Starting Position.
c. Be no taller than 15”