Starting position clarification

I’m hoping someone can clarify some rules. We were at a tournament last weekend and the people running it kept telling our team that the starting position had to be opposite of the other team. We tried to tell them that this was not correct. Im concerned because we have States at the same place coming up. If I am incorrect please let me know. If not, where can I find the information? I’m not a coach by any means…just a parent trying to get clarification. Thank you.

This is an IQ question.

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For LRT, the teams have to start on opposite sides of the field. For a regular teamwork match, the bots can be in any of the 8 legal starting positions.

This was clarified in a question that was posted three months ago. The head ref should have read over the official Q&A before the tournament. If I were you I would print out this ruling and have the number of your RECF rep handy during the tournament.

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Thank you everyone for the quick responses. I know that mostly everyone doing the tournaments are volunteers and it is alot of work. I just wanted to make sure our team is reading the rules correctly.

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