Starting Postion -over hang

We have a robot that has a lift arm in the front and the back. We position our robot facing side ways when starting. Our base/drivetrain fits well in the starting position box. But the end of the lift arms stick out a little bit in their starting position that they sit in the black lines. Just seeing where this falls in lines of being allowed or not as the rules didn’t specifically say all parts of the robot must be in the starting position box.

All of the robot has to be in the starting box. You cannot have anything across or ontop of the wall.

@forzapixel has it, see page 8 of the rules:

Starting Position - The two (2) designated 11” x 19” (279mm x 482.6mm) spots on the field where
Robots must start the Match. Starting Positions are bounded by the inner edges of the long black
lines, outer edge of the short black line, and the inner edge of the field perimeter. See Figure 2 for more details.

Can you start on a slight diagonal to fit into the Starting Position?


@Foster We can start straight ahead instead (or sideways with both arms raised), we just found starting sideways the quickest for our bot out the gate, but we had just a little hang over. Wasn’t sure how strictly enforced the slight hangover was, looking at it 6-8 feet away you couldn’t tell, only when you are a couple of feet away you could see.

I’m not sure I’m understanding how the robot would pass inspection but then not fit in the starting box?

Pass inspections, but rotate it 90 on the field for the start.

When I referee a match, I’ll be a couple feet away, and have a straight edge (probably be using a clipboard) to check if it looks close.

You seem to be asking if you can break the rules, because no one will notice. The rules are pretty clear, the robot MUST fit in the starting box.

If the robot fits within the starting square when it is sideways and both arms are raised, that is legal. But, you must start with both arms raised.

@hassenplug - i’m not saying i’m trying to break the rules, hence why I posted on the forum to get clarification.

The Starting Point definition wasn’t really detailed on the robot must have every piece fit within at start, but now that I read g4 , that has the more specific details I was trying to figure out. So we start with an arm raised, questioned answered!


That works! Good luck.