State awards

Hi forum! I was looking at and I was looking at the awards for an event i’m going to tomorrow. it said that no awards are state qualifiers (I know some aren’t but it says that Teamwork Champion is not qualifying) Thanks,

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And your question is??

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In our area, the award qualifiers (at least for the early season events) are being assigned after the event is complete. This will probably change as the season progresses…

Why isnt it showing that its state qualifying

Some regions have qualified events early. Lots of places don’t because sometimes the robots win, and the teams stop iterations on making them better. So when they show up with a “October winner” they get stomped by a “January winner”

I’m an event partner in Southern California. In our region, no events have been awarded qualification spots at this point in the season, so if you look at any event it will show that awards do not qualify. This is just the default setting on Robot Events before spots for events have been awarded. Spots have not been awarded yet because new events are still being added to the calendar, and there are a set number of spots at Regional Championships. Until RECF knows how many events will be in a region, they can’t know how many qualifying spots to award for each event. This does not mean that early-season events won’t qualify for Regionals, they will. In my experience, Excellence and Teamwork Champions typically qualify at every event. Additional awards may qualify, but how many and which ones have not been decided yet.

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