State qualification questions

I have a lot of questions on qualifying for states, and I looked at other posts but I am still really confused.

  1. Do competitions in other states help you qualify for your state competition? Can I go to other states to get awards that qualifies for my state?
  2. If a already qualified team gets awards that would qualify them, would the award go to the next best person or just do nothing?
  3. Can you get your school to send you to more competitions if you pay for it?

Thanks! (I cannot understand like any other posts so yeahhh)

This document should answer most of what you need. Summarizing your questions below for other folks searchability:

  1. Your region is assigned a number of Worlds qualification slots based on the total number of teams registered by January in that region. Competitions in other regions generally cannot qualify you for your own regional championships (Signature Events can qualify you to worlds, but not your regional championship).
  2. If the Excellence award winner is also one of the teamwork champions, then the double-qualification spot will go to the next highest non-regional championship-qualified team on the competition’s Skills ranking. (This is why it’s important to do Skills and get the best score you can)
  3. That’s a question for your school; whoever is responsible for registering your team is the one who is responsible for signing you up for competitions.

Hope that answers things clearly for you.


If you qualify for states in another state i don’t belive it count’s for anything. If a already qualified team gets an award it will usually go to the top skills. This depends on each compition. And for going to another compition it really depends on you and your teacher you can definitely ask.

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Another question: how do you know if your ranking is going to qualify for states?

Really until the last event in your region has run, you won’t know; you can generally make some educated guesses, though.

Let’s look at the Maryland region, since it looks like that’s where 952S is from. Currently there are 48 slots total for the Middle School state championships, with 41 spots still open (so only 7 teams currently qualified and registered). Looks like there’s about 10 events left between now and the end of the season, including leagues. Max from that would be 30 teams (assuming 10 events, all with unique winners, no double qualifiers); let’s figure 20 teams realistically will be added to registration through qualification prior to State. That would leave about 20’ish spots left to be filled from the state skills list, going down the list for all the teams that aren’t already qualified (might I recommend this helpful spreadsheet (shameless self-plug)).

So, from this sort of math, you can guesstimate how far down the skills list will get invites. Given that Maryland’s state skills list only has 37 total teams, it’s a reasonable assumption that they’ll exhaust the skills list entries and still have spots left over.

By comparison, where I’m at in Indiana, there’s 427 teams on the skills list just for elementary, with just 100 (right now) total spots (with 39 presently filled, 61 open). So there are teams every year that get nowhere close to getting invites to state because there are tons on the skills list.

All of the above math is also why I made that Google Sheets document to be able to digest this more quickly and make sure our teams have a reasonable minimum skills target value to be shooting for if they want to make it to State.


Thank you so much! I was hoping our new shooter bot could qualify for states via skills (our shooter bot has a solo highscore of 139 at home). I am still working on the autonomous for it.

Quick question: Can I use a simple program to get blue, then move the robot the use the program again to get both blues? The game manual says that “A team may handle their robot as many times as desired”, and “including pressing buttons on the robot brain or activating sensors”. But G12 states you cannot strategically handle robots. So is moving the robot to get both blue dispensers legal?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you so much!!!

<RSC5> is an override of the typical rules, specific to autonomous skills. So, it’s telling you explicitly: yes, you can move as many times as you need to, and this includes being able to re-run the same programming routine to do the blue dispensers (presuming that your robot can maneuver appropriately through the field, but that’s up to you and your robot :D).


Thank you so much!!!

Point of clarification here, there is no look back at previous events to tell if a team has qualified to states.

If a team double qualifies at an event as described above, the qualification spot will go to the next team in skills at that event who did not win a qualification spot at that event.

If the team that is awarded that qualification spot had qualified at a previous event, it doesn’t matter, that qualification spot just vanishes.


I would like to thank all 3 of you for answering my questions, especially Engineer Mike, because your suggestions helped us reorient towards skills practice. Without this advice, we would have spent all our effort on the teamwork challenge, which we probably wouldn’t win. But because of your post, I realized how important skills really is. This advice helped us get a qualification to states (through double qualification, and we have the 3rd best skills score in Maryland now). I definitely could not have made it without your advice. Thank you.


Congratulations on qualifying, and especially being able to quickly reprioritize and focus on that. On the upside, an improved skills position will also generally make you a better teamwork competitor.

Well done!