Static electricity killing entire vex net

I am at a tournament today, and the entire vex net went down, after 2 hours the hosts concluded that static electricity was the cause, and robots need to be grounded. Has anyone heard of this? I need to know for when my school hosts a tournament later in the season. Thanks

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Can you clarify? VEXnet field controllers have been really stable over the years … or are you referring to V5 Field Controllers ?

Which event was this?


2022 Turkey on the Hill VRC Spin Up In-Person Tournament (HS Only)


any insight as to what is meant by:

VEXnet is a communication protocol. Tournament controllers, such as VEXnet Field Controllers have been very stable. And the new V5 Smart Field Controllers at Worlds have been working relatively well (my first hand experience is limited to one Tournament where a drive station cable was broken, and testing in preparation for our tournament).

With the new V5 Smart Field Controllers, the only electrical interface is between the team’s V5 Joystick Controller and the V5 Brain controlling the field. Robots being grounded is hard to parse. New field anti-static tiles and use of anti-static spray on older tiles should minimize risk to ESD during game play. Although high speed flywheels and use of plastics could build up static charge and not dissipated by field.

I hope a detailed post to clarify this situation is posted.


Hey, I was there too! I think in our finals match they figured out what port or cable was messing up the system but maybe it just was a coincidence.


I’ve got a thread on static electricity… search for it.

Short version: static spray is your friend and motor shafts need to be grounded.

And yes, bot static can shutdown the field controllers.

The EP determined that static buildup from the field had killed a VEXnet field controller and a USB hub used for the competition. After some troubleshooting, they were replaced promptly.

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