Stem / Design interviews (unofficial)

(Cross posting because I forgot the Q and A was official only and I thought you all might have some insight!!)

If you have pre-submitted for the Stem or Design awards, when do you find out your presentation / interview times? Are those times likely to be Sunday, or not until Mon/Tues?

The online notes I’ve found seem to say you’ll get an email with info sometime before Worlds, but I have yet to get one. Is it actually something they give you information on when you register tomorrow? I tried emailing for info but received no response.


We got this email

"Thank you for your patience. The STEM project schedule has not been generated yet. We are waiting for the match schedule and will generate the presentation schedule once that is complete. All Project presentations will be on Monday. I anticipate that I will get the schedules Sunday. I will send them out as soon as I have them. "

Thank you!