Is it possible (or am I just not seeing them) to have stickies, i.e., suggestions to mention which programming language, include code, pics, etc? Perhaps in the box I’m seeing right now " Welcome to VEX Forum — thanks for starting a new conversation!.." Or at least in the “community guidelines”, though I wonder how many read through them (perhaps another Badge for that?)

You need to indent the text you want to be the code by 4 spaces. To upload pictures, just drag them into the text box you want them in. I’d complete the advanced user tutorial that @discobot has to know more.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


That’s not what OP is asking for.

They are looking for pinned (sticky) posts reminding users to indicate what programming language they are using and to post their code (presumably when said users are asking for coding help).

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Once @DRow updates all the placeholder text in all the categories, this would be in place. Currently the updated threads that are pinned don’t include that much info, but they could be changed, like this one: