Still Pictures of Spitfire 97300J base, intake and catapult

PLEASE HELP…I am a sign language interpreter working with a group of Deaf/Hard of Hearing middle school students trying to build and improve on the Spitfire 97300J robot. If anyone has still photos or photos or basic build instructions for a starting point would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance for all of the help from this forum.


Hi. While I can not speak for team 97300J, most vex teams do not want someone directly copying their robot. There are some people on the forum who can help you, but i would not suggest flat out copying their robot. taking parts, or using it as inspiration is fine, but taking each part of it is not what most teams want. just wanted to let you know. What issues are you having with it? I might be able to help with that at least

I totally understand that copying the robot exactly is not allowed but the students are trying to figure out the basics so they can add and modify. As i mentioned this is a pioneer project for our Deaf/Hard of Hearing students for this middle school. Any input or information would be helpful. The students would like to use the base and intake, then add the catapult. Thank you,


I respectfully disagree. The teams who post their robots this early in the season do so hoping to influence and inspire other teams - and the first step of that journey is often copying. @cheri636 please feel free to borrow and steal ideas without shame. If I were in @FRC973 's shoes, I’d be honored and flattered.


I have not thought of it that way. Thank you for sharing it that way

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You can take Fling and modify it. Or simply take the concepts from Fling. They are not unique and have been around for some time, and these same concepts are also in Spitfire. The roller intake is a standard rubber banded roller intake that has been used in games such as Bank Shot, and and catapult with the Choo Choo mechanism can been seen in these videos


I have released a reveal video for Spitfire with some pretty up close details. It was taken in 60 fps, so you can pause it at pretty much any point and get a good picture, definitely clear enough to get the idea of how to build the intake. Like was said though, the idea of VEX is to design your own robot, not someone else’s. While I do appreciate that you like my robot, I would highly encourage you to build your own robot, perhaps with guidance from others. If you have any questions though, I’d be happy to see what I can do to answer them.

Edit: added link (I posted it on my phone).