String exploder

hello everybody, I am asking for help on the endgame part of the competition. I am looking for Ideas/references on how to make the string exploder that goes off at the end of the match. Anything helps, thanks.

-97310 team D

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Welcome to the forums. As a new forum user, I’d first recommend you review the community guidelines for the forum. Next, try to post in a relevant topic. You’ve made your post in a game thread from years ago. Finally, take a few minutes (or perhaps hours) to browse the forums to see what people have been talking about, and you might find that within the last 20 minutes, there has been a tread on what you’re asking about. You might even try using the “search bar” and find more threads on your topic of interest.


sorry blud it was my first post I realized what I did wrong after I posted it. Thanks for the consideration.


I’m gonna assume it was a misspelling so I don’t have to flag it…


The best way I’ve found to make a string exploder is to drill a small hole in your standard issue vex pneumatics reservoir and have a valve connected to it. This valve can be opened at the end of the match and the high pressure air stream can be used for many purposes, including launching strings.

You’re obviously being sarcastic, but there are enough RTM-clueless people the forum that would need to know this is a violation of R20 that I just have to say something.


@97310D welcome to the forum. If you do a quick search on ‘String Launcher’, you will find a number of threads to help you get started.

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