Structure balance for intake

We need something to hold up our intake so that it doesn’t go too low. If it goes too low, we aren’t able to move it so we need something that keeps it at the correct position. What should we use and how should we do it?

If I know correctly, aren’t your intakes supposed to be attached to the robot?
EDIT: sorry didn’t realize you had arms attaching to your intake

We have a bar on standoffs to keep our arms from going to low.

Dumb answer but can you have a c-channel or some other object as a simple hard stop

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We once used a stand-off on the arms tower. But a simple hard stop would do

I use 2, 90 degree gussets and standoffs to hold the bar in place. It stops the bars from getting misaligned

Ok. Instead of doing a structural thing, how would you do something in the code that would tell the motor to start off in a certain position.

I am using VCS. (Vex coding studio)

You theoretically could do that, but it’s much less reliable than adding a hard, mechanical stop

Ok. How would you add a part to your code that starts the motor at a certain point?