Struggling with transition to V5

I am a teacher of 7th and 8th grade students. Over the past few years we have used the Vex EDR system with RobotC. I was originally thrilled when I found out we have just purchased a lot of V5 equipment for next year. The problems started when I went to get acquainted with VCS.

After about 3 hours of playing around with VCS I see that there are multiple problems that will drive my students (as well as myself) crazy. I saw on this forum that VEXcode was a new environment that is being touted as a solution.

I downloaded VEXcode and opened a sample project. Everything looked great until I went to download the code. I can save the code but the download icon is not available. Everything is connected and just can’t download to the robot. To get the code onto the robot I copied it from the VEXcode editor and pasted it into the VCS editor for download.

I guess to try and summarize organize my questions:

  1. Is VCS really being supported ?
  2. Will modkit ever have all commands for each object included. Specific example is that in modkit I could not get a brain.screen.printAt I could only get a brain.screen.print command.
  3. Modkit will work better for many of my students and allow them a greater chance to understand their code without being burdened with all of the syntax issues of C++ any ideas for a functioning graphical environment for them to use?
  4. Is there a simple reason why I could compile in VEXcode but could not get the program to download? The brain was on, connected, and ready but I could never get the download icon to enable. The code worked (and downloaded) fine when I coped it into VCS but that is not a workable solution in a middle school classroom environment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Check to make sure you are only running VEXcode or VCS - both are probably competing for access to the brain and will cause problems.


Thanks!!! I closed down VCS and was able to download the code correctly. One question down and 3 to go. If you (or anyone else) has any more information on questions 1-3 above I would love to keep working towards having a better understanding of where VCS stands as a workable development environment. I am getting the “feel” that people are being encouraged into using VEXcode as an alternative. While I can see some of the reasons why I have to say that it has the potential of being a little overwhelming for many of my students.

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I will have more answers when I am not teaching :slight_smile:

Vcs is pretty bad… I highly recommend you use vexcode as your main language. Rms and pros are pretty good as well. Just anything but vcs


After Vex Coding Studio my team this year had a rather unfair bias towards any programming platform with the name “VEX” in it. However, I suggest looking at this thread which may help suggest to use Vexcode or other programming options out there.

Based on all the other things happening in the Vex universe, I can say with some degree of confidence that Vex Coding Studio is losing a lot of support seeing how bugged up it is. I don’t see a lot of teams recommending it anymore either.

Here is my suggestion for people like you getting started with V5.


VCS is not being supported from what I’ve heard. I think they realized that most teams didn’t like VCS.

I have been hearing rumors that ROBOTC may be available for V5 soon. If possible could someone clarify?:thinking:

Whoever the source was is wrong.


As a few others have already pointed out, you should give Robot Mesh Studio Blockly a try if you want a graphical programming environment.

Transitioning from Blockly to C++ is also possible without leaving the Robot Mesh Studio ecosystem, should you choose to do so at some point.


If only… if only…


A port of robotC to V5 would basically be an entire rewrite.
Just the way the V5 is structured is so much different than cortex.

This restructuring also prevents things like the robotC debugger from working like it did. For cortex, the code was run in a VM, which was what let the robotC debugger manipulate its own memory. On V5, the code is run “directly on the metal”. There would have to be an explicit server running as a task on the V5 that reports the status of certain specified variables within the code, instead of a passive debugger like robotC. I think this is how PROS JINX will work.

Also, the way VEXos works and how the underlying API is set up is not compatible with the way robotC does things.

The only part remaining of robotC, if it was to be ported to V5, would be the bad editor and light theme :grinning:


I started playing around with Robot Mesh Studio last night and so far so good. Looks like Blockly will provide an interface for my students that they can understand. My intention isn’t necessarily to get to C++ and I think the Python code generated by Blockly will help my students to see how the “block” based coding generates “real” code.