Summer camp live stream and thoughts!

We had our summer camp this week with rising 3rd-5th graders.

Compliments to VEX, then again created a game that is exciting and appropriate for students that have never touched a robot before.

After reading about the hero bot, I decided to steer the kids to do the following…

Follow these steps for the clawbot:
Build this: (I taped it to the board)


The kids then went nuts with modifying the arm in a wide variety of ways. This worked really well.

I didn’t have trouble with the purple dispensers, I did have trouble with the blue dispensers… Sometimes they would get knocked over, and that’s on the kids.

But sometimes the ramp would break… These are the pins that would come out.

This is all brand new with minimal abuse, fields only used for 5 days with bots. Something to check every time as you reset the field.

Programming was pretty easy with the new kids as well…


Here’s the livestreams!

Part 1 STEM Camp Week 1 Tournament - YouTube

Part 2 Stem Camp Week 1 Part 2 - YouTube


You’re not the only one with this problem, and I’m happy to know I’m not doing something wrong.

I’m also happy to see that you were very lenient on the rules, especially the one about reaching under the bar. I am not looking forward to the potential number of teams that will have to be disqualified/warned for going past the bar unintentionally. It’s a summer camp, and the goal is to help the kids have fun, not enforce the rules.

I wouldn’t personally agree with this, as I think pretty much any other game would be better for kids who have never touched a robot.

Overall though, looks like a great camp!


What I’m referring to is the fact that these games have to be played by new and experienced teams alike. These students didn’t really care that they couldn’t really accomplish all the tasks, as there were enough tasks they could do to make the game work.

But yes, if I was designing a game just for these kids this would not be the game.


Right here in G16 and the blue box to go with it.