SuperKit vs Retail version

Can you please tell me what the difference is between your SuperKit and your kits that are sold at retail stores (Target, Toysrus, etc). From my research it seems like the retail kit does not come with the storage container and the brain does not have rechargeable batteries in the retail kit - Is that correct? If so, can a storage container and battery pack be purchased? Also, can you please be specific as possible in describing the differences between the 2 kits regarding all of the components, software availability, etc. Thanks!

Hello Chase,

You are correct, good research!
The VEX Construction Kit sold at retail stores does not include any of the following:

Distance Sensor
Gyro sensor
Robot battery
Robot battery charger & power cord
Plastic bin

Aside from that, both kits are the same. You may purchase any additional parts including the battery & bin directly from
Software is included with all VEX kits and available directly from our website, all you have to do is create an account & download the software found under our “Software Downloads” section.