Survey For A School Project--Please Help!

Hello Everyone!

I am part of a team completing a project for Engineering Design & Development and we need your help! If you can, please take this short survey to give us insight into the needs of teams during competitions. You will remain completely anonymous and it will really help us out. I will post the results of our project when we are finished.

Click here for the survey!

Does anybody use a box that’s not the Stanley bow the slides open to have 3 layers the bottom being a huge spot, the middle isn’t as deep and has 8 separation squares and a top layer with a lid that you release 2 clamp like aparatus it then has a removable shelf and another big empty area.
I can’t remember the title of the box but it’s what 99.9% of teams in SD use

Took it. Get an A.

I did before I posted Therefore I get A+