T fling issues

So my team has been trouble shooting for about 48 hours and we barely have a working t-fling. I have no idea how everybody else got theirs so fast and accurate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is our mechanism:

Here is the catapult with rubber bands to make it shoot: Catapult test pt 2 - YouTube
Here is it with the rubber band amount that most other team get to work: Catapult test pt 1 - YouTube
We just want it fast and accurate but we cannot seem to get either. Again, any help would be amazing.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more pictures too.

Ok first, your Gearratio, what is the gearratio. If you don’t use a 12 tooth to a 60 tooth gear. I don’t know what to say to you. second make sure that your structure is good. Make sure that a lot of support is on the t fling other wise it requires you more rubber bands.

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That’s our ratio and everything is secure. Got any pictures you can share?



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ignore the fact that there is not gearratio.

Do you have a picture from the side?

We just got the speed and power down, we just need help getting the arc into the high goal right Ark test - YouTube
Arc test - YouTube

That’s where you need to tune your catapult hard stop.


Here is a picture
Screenshot 2022-04-10 7.59.32 AM

Red is the catupult
Yellow is the gear
Blue is where the stopper is

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Thanks, we were able to figure it out

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@Sharky_do In post 5, where do those 1*4’s connect located within the white circles

The T is on a 2 1x bars and the stand offs are put on a triangle.

Oh uh, I dont need this thread anymore, we figured it out, but please feel free to post anything else you need.