Taking robot on plane

Hey guys, We have a big signature tournament coming soon and we are gonna use the plane. My team and I could not figure out how to ship the robot across the nation. Any tips will help.

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Check in your area to see if someone has a Robosource box you can use. (Out of stock until early 2022).

I’ve seen teams get a 20x20x20 FedEx shipping box, take the wheels off the robot and use foam on all 6 sides to protect the robot. The FedEx boxes are a little thicker than other packing boxes. Then ship it as checked luggage. Taking the wheels off gives you more of a flat surface on the bottom to support the robot.

Good luck at your event!!


Most of these are for VRC Robots (I’m assuming you are still doing IQ, correct me if you are in VRC now), but they should still apply.


Make it easy for TSA they will tear everything apart inspecting it. I had 2 22” SKB cases with 2” foam all the way around and extra foam to fill gaps. Robot in one box, everything else in another. They completely emptied our toolbox on the way to Kentucky one year in the case.


Idk if this would work for you, but we got a big 20x20x20 foam cooler from Walmart, and put some blankets and bubble wrap in to fill the empty space

When we flew to worlds a couple of years back, we stored the robot in a clear sterilite box with a lid and took it on the plane as one of our carry ons. This is probably the simplest way to do it, plus you don’t have to worry about anyone possibly damaging your robot if they have to open the box to verify contents if this was a check-in instead of a carry-on.


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