Team 1107B "super stacker" 2012 Reveal

our robot has the potential to reach right over you and push all of the objects off. and what if 3 pieces are scored in both low goals? do you have any back up plan since you are unable to “spit” pieces out? all in all, it is an extremely cool robot and well worth the wait.

Just sayin’, I think their strategy is to wait til the last second to score them so no one will be able to knock them over. Imagine them paired with a wallbot. I feel a 34-2 match coming on. :smiley: honestly I think that even if two robots are defending against them,1107 partner will be able to score anywhere.

  1. See my other post.
  2. They could just onock off the top one.
  3. Good job today Millard West 1

thanks were you there? we did alright i guess… we technically 1v1’d against Nerd Herd and won, which was pretty cool.:slight_smile:

Yah, of course I was. I was the one on 985B. I was building the awesome wall bot afterward.

Wow, very impressive implementation!

First off I want to say congrats on making the strategy that everybody else basically dreams of making. I was waiting for something like this to pop up and it finally has! I do see some possible strategies that could maybe counter it. I have some questions to ask to see if those strategies are plausible. First, would a 30 or 40 pound wallbot smashing into the wall next to you guys scoring be enough to knock down the “Super Stack?”. I am guessing the final scoring is after the match ends, so at what time in the video would the match end and the elastics take over? Also, you said that you would like to start in the isolation zone. What would you guys do if a wall bot or regular robot trying to block was preventing you guys from getting to your interaction zone tile or even stopping you guys from leaving the isolation zone? Then you guys have 5 objects, plus 2 preloads, that would be easily beaten by a average NZ bot.

All in all, I want to congratulate you guys on first making the ground breaking strategy, and then actually building a robot to do that strategy. Kudos to you guys, and I hope I never have to play against you!:slight_smile:

THAT WAS YOU?!?!?!! i cannot wait to see the Wallonomic bot!!:slight_smile:

10 char

Well in most of the matches today did they?

Guys! You keep giving them ideas about how to fix their robot to make it even more unbeatable!

Great design!

Good luck!

Very impressive. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty beast. Like all strategies there are of course counter strategies, so it isn’t really unbeatable, but it could be extremely difficult to beat.:smiley: Glad to see someone do this. I wonder if anyone else will have a stacker at worlds?

So Karthik, would this be another of the your “Give them an award right now,” moments?

I was thinking about exact moment earlier. If it happens in a match at Worlds, then it’s a strong contender.

Haha yes. Did this design ever come up while thinking of the game? Or was stacking never though of?

You know you have a good robot when Karthik comes out of the Q&A to comment on it. :slight_smile:

That is so true. Also, my team realized at the Burger joint coming back from our meet tonight that my teammate guessed this same exact concept. With the same stack style and everything…
[ scores to 1107B’s alliance were:

30 (must have succeeded in stacking :D)
17 (possibly made a smaller stack)
21 (smaller stack?)

19 (smaller stack?)

It’s also possible that 1107B only played one of their alliance’s 2 quarterfinals matches.Edit:](

congrats to 1492A, 2A and 2W.**Edit:**Second edit:

so they may have gotten the full stack once. or their team helped. but they also got shut out TWICE… i thought it was gonna work!!!:mad: