Team 1107B "super stacker" 2012 Reveal

first, see this youtube clip

mind blown? :wink:

robot details:
two 393 motors and two 3-wire motors 1:1
four 4” omni wheels and four 2.75” omni wheels for stability

1:7 two 393 motors and two 3-wire motors 1:1
12.5” reach four-bar
Dual elastic assistance

tri-hex column 12 intake rollers
No motors =)
Picks up by ratchet system
It can pick up and hold 15+ objects!

Everything Else:
One motor that triggers the pin and splits the ENTIRE ROBOT in half!
one motor to release the front panel of the intake (this was the part that was supposed to “explode” out attached by string, but the way we have it, we can’t ever be called for entanglement issues =))
Space invaders fold out “wings” that help protect our scored goal (activated only by the arm movement)
Here are some more pics =)


more pics and vids to come after today’s competition](


Phenomenal. That is all.

  • Andrew

Wow. Thats pretty amazing. I think with the right partners you guys will go far at worlds. :slight_smile:

That was pretty awesome but, I think it’s gonna be easy to defend against. (especially by my team:D)

Impressive, great work, but i do see a very big lever arm in the form of a gate to rock the side of the field with…

I love “nuclear option” robots – that is, robots that if you let them do their thing they’ll devastate you. This means every opponent you face is forced to spend their time reacting to your and tailoring their strategy around stopping you from accomplishing yours.

That said… enjoy the defense! :wink:


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Although the design is obviously devastating when left to its devices, I believe that you will be hard pressed to beat a well designed and efficient _side intake. Since your design relies heavily on just doing one thing throughout the whole match, it will be easy for teams to defend against it. All criticisms aside though, I am very impressed that you guys pulled that off.

I think their strategy is that by the time they grab all their objects and have acquired the doubler barrel, it will have to be in the last 30 seconds. Meaning that the gate should already be up by then and not rocking the field edge.

However if this isn’t the case, you make a very good point. The gate very well could present problems to their strategy.

would knocking these barrels out of the field be illegal?

No, as it would be in the act of descoring. Imagine the ref having to reenter all of them at once :D. Now that I wanna see!

You are allowed to descore them since they are not inside the goal.

haha yeah thatd be funny. thanks for the quick response too :smiley:

However, unfortunately like all strategies, there are some flaws.
First you would need full cooperation of your alliance partner not to match load or intake too many barrels.
Second you don’t score in any goals other than the low goal, so if your partner is disabled (for some apparent reason), and if the opposing alliance steals all the barrels from the wall and puts it in their isolation zone, you would only have 10 objects (7 barrels and 3 balls) and a doubler barrel which would only be 22 points while the opposing alliance could score in all the other goals (8 goals) = 16 points, use their doubler and easily get over 22 points.
Finally, if needed, some team in your division, could just create a swing out descorer (that could be triggered by pneumatics and made up of some standoffs or bar) and it would be attached to the bottom of their intake and then they would reach over your bot and knock the stack out of the field.

I agree with all these statements and especially agree with the last one. I’m not sure if my team will create something specifically for this but i believe a lot of the NZ robots will be able to reach over them and either hit the tower or sacrifice an object to spit into the tower of objects. also if you have a strong base you will be able to push them since they are all omni’s and may be able to push them into the wall. but just like Thorondor all criticisms aside i am very impressed with the robot and that you guys pulled it off

WOW, just WOW! That intake is really awesome! 15+ objects?! That is insane :smiley:

I would like to see this robot playing in a match. Do you have any videos of the competition you had today, or your robot doing what it does?

Any robot defending this design would just have to sit in front of the low goal. I understand that that takes a whole robot out of the equation but with a decent autonomous score it would be easy enough. Or a robot could put 3 objects in the goal before they score.

But you could have your allinace partner sitting in front of the 11.5 goal and then having them move to dump their objects onto it

You don’t think that by then two robots working together uncontested would have recieved at least 30 points?

Our wheel base is very powerful… We could probably push past you and knock all those barrels off the field… At the right height our lift could take those barrels off in one swipe.

what’s ure gear ratio on the base? What types of motors?