Team 24 S^3 CAD Library Inventor 2013

Thank you! Sorry for the late response, but I have been busy, doing many things, including doing work on this library.


I have updated the library, adding the Screws & Nuts folder to the Wiki a couple nights ago, but just now got a chance to write a post about it.



EDIT: I just realized that for some reason I never posted links to the Hinge or Linear Slide Assembly parts! I have just put the links up on the Wiki; sorry about that, everyone!

Thank you for all the work that you are putting into this, Jordan. I truly appreciate it.

You are very welcome! I’m glad it’s being appreciated. :slight_smile:

Also, sorry for all the delays. I’m at a rather busy stage in my life at the moment (for me, at least), and so I don’t have as much time to work on this as I would have liked. Also, team 24’s meetings have started up again, so I’ve been CADing our new design (and realizing how much work I still have to do on this library… :o). So, hopefully I’ll have something new for you guys soon. (Thinking about working on some cool things for the gears.)


I’m currently downloading Autodesk Inventor onto my Mac right now (running parallels with Windows 8) . I’ll be downloading your libraries as soon as it’s finished.

Awesome! Unfortunately, I have not been able to update the library at all lately, because of how swamped I’ve been with college. :confused: But I’m hoping that after the SAT, applications for colleges, and scholarship stuff is all out of the way, that I’ll have some more time to work on this.

Thank you guys for your continued support!


Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that you prevented potential suicide. Never have I been so frustrated trying to teach myself a software package than I have with Inventor. This package with all the iMates is amazing, I can’t thank you enough for all the time you invested because it would have taken me at least ten-fold that time. If you are ever in Florida you will receive the biggest high five ever. TY BRO

Thank you so much Jordan for doing this. Its a big help.

I am so glad that my work is being appreciated! That is what makes me so glad that I did it, and what makes me want to finish my work on this library. Hopefully after this school semester I can work on this and get the whole thing finished over Winter Break!

You are both very welcome, and I thank you for using the library. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements!


How do you think you did on the SAT? I just took the PSAT.

I got the scores a couple weeks ago, and wasn’t very happy with the results, so I am signed up to retake the SAT in December. I can most likely get into some local colleges with the scores I got, but my 640 on math is not going to be enough to really give me a good shot at getting into Carnegie Mellon or even MIT (middle 50% of applicants got 740-800 in math). Where I really struggled was Critical Reading. I’m not sure how, but I got a 570 in that, but a 640 in Writing. Well, hopefully I can boost that score, as well as my Math score, since those are really the only two most colleges look at.


This is awesome, thanks so much for all this hard work.

Just one question,
Is there any way you could post some links to the new aluminum brackets for compatibility with Inventor 2012. I have spent a lot of time cadding in 2012 and it would be a pain to switch over to 2013. I’m just talking about the C-channel gusset, 90 degree angle gusset, etc.

Great work

Any update on parts being added? I know you’ve been busy, but I thought I would ask with the new game coming out (and us CADers getting busy with it).

If you “just can’t wait”, here is a download link to the entire library I have been using:^

However, as I am planning on trying to start a VEX U team, I will be trying to finish my 2014 library soon. I will be working to upgrade all parts to Inventor 2014, and finishing putting iMates on all of the parts.


This is very impressive. Thanks for all of the work. I look forward to using it!

This CAD library is amazing! It is extremely well put together and organised. I used it to CAD my robot and compared to other builds, this one was much much faster. Thank you Jordan for all the work you put into this because I
can tell it didn’t just happen overnight.
thanks again !!!

Thank you both! I do apologize for the slow progress of the 2014 library, and the incompleteness of the 2013 Beta. I can assure you, however, that I am making progress on 2014, it is only that I am trying to make it perfectly complete, and easy to use. I thank both of you again, as well as everyone else for their support of my libraries. It’s what keeps me working on them – knowing that they’re being put to good use. :slight_smile:


Hello Jordan. Quick question about your library:

First of all, awesome! Nothing else to describe it. Much much more better than inventor’s official library. It helps us a lot, not only in designing but also in learning information about the parts.

However, not sure whether i made a mistake or not, i cannot find the new plastic linear slide kits in your library. Primarily because we are doing scissor lift and we wanna see the clearance. Because it is a pain for me to download everything all over again, i am just going to ask:

Is the new linear slide kit in your update?
Could you please post the file for me if possible?

Thanks very much!

Martin, team 3921

Thanks, Martin! Unfortunately, I have not added the newer parts to my library yet, and I never ended up finishing the 2014 library. However, I am planning to start work on an Inventor 2015 library with all parts updated, and including all new parts. I will begin work on that this Monday, right after my last final exam. You can still download the .step files that VEX provides for the new linear motion kit here, in the meantime. They won’t be colored, have iMates, correct weights/materials or anything, but you ought to be able to do some of that yourself without too much trouble.