Team 24 S^3 CAD Library Inventor 2013

Hello, everyone.

I’ve made this thread to announce the beginning of the release of Team 24’s CAD Library for Inventor 2013. I started this project awhile before the World Championship, and it’s been a long process, so I’ve decided to release it in small pieces. Right now I’ve released just the basic metal parts, but I’ll continue updating it as I finish more, so be on the look out. (I’ll make posts here for each update.)

Here’s a list of the features coming with this updated library:

-Completely organized, easy-to-use file system
-iMates on all parts to speed up the CAD build process
-More realistic colors and textures (colored for best look in “Realistic” mode)
-Correct materials
-More exact weights
-Correct part names
-Part descriptions
-VEX Product Page links
-Part numbers
-Estimated part costs
-Realistic previews for icons (change folder view to “Large Icons”)
-Correct thickness for aluminum metal (changed from 0.46" to 0.64")
-“Pre-cut” parts (structure parts with standard cuts made) to speed up the CAD build process
-“Flexible” parts (Right-click on “assembly-parts” and check “Flexible” to allow motors, sensors, linear slides, hinges, etc to move.)

This year’s CAD library is available to download in a different way. You can download individual parts, folders of parts, or the entire library. The Wiki Page will be updated as parts and folders are completed/updated, so check back regularly, or watch for posts here. When a part, folder, or the entire library is updated, the date next to it will be changed, so watch that. If you encounter a problem, have questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave a post here. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Enjoy!

Click here to be taken to the CAD library’s wiki page.


P.S. Here’s an example of what the parts look like all prettied up:

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But seriously Guys download this, He has been working really hard on his library since I’m pretty sure I even released mine. He took the time to go into some insane detail here guys, I highly recommend it.

  • Andrew

Wow Jordan how much do you pay him for not so celebrity endorsement?

Hahaha. Thank you, Andrew. Maybe I’ll give you a raise. :wink:


Are all the files .rar files? Im having issues reading those :frowning:

Only the folders are, but otherwise you have to download each individual file. If you need a program to extract .rar files, WinRAR is what I use. It’s completely free, and safe to download. I have it on every computer I use.


Wow, thanks a lot for sharing this. My teams have started using Inventor this year and your library has been a HUGE help. Can’t wait to download the new stuff.

On the website it says its $29 :confused: ill just download each part individually. The quality looks really good :slight_smile:

Just click “Download Now” and it’s completely free. :slight_smile: Also, thanks!


You are very welcome. :slight_smile: I’m glad that what I’ve done for our team can also help other teams, which is one of the reasons I’m remaking this library. :slight_smile:

I’m working right now to get another batch of parts uploaded, so hopefully those will be finished by the end of today.


I have Inventor 2012 right now. I use your part library, and AndrewRemmers. Is there a way to upgrade to Inventor 2013 for free? Is it different from 2012?

Let me know!

Thank you!

Yes, just sign into and go to the downloads page, then select Autodesk Inventor Professional, and select version 2013 from the drop-down menu.

Inventor 2013 is a bit different, but for the most part it is the same. Mostly, the materials/colors are done a bit differently. I haven’t noticed much else that is new, but I’m sure plenty of other changes/updates have been made.


Awesome library once again!

I am intrigued about the iMate capability in Inventor 2013. How tough is it to set up for screws?

I assume it makes the round peg, square hole constraints that much easier. Do we have to make iMate set up on the screw for it to fit in the holes properly?

If you hold the “alt” key, then you can click and drag a circle on the head of the screw to one of the iMates on the metal. However, I will be releasing screws and nuts with the appropriate iMates on them. I have now decided to place iMates on everything, regardless of whether the place is already round or not, just to make identifying where to connect parts easier.

I’m also working on a small update for the metal parts in the library right now. I’ve edited the material for the steel parts to approximate more accurate weights, and I may do the same with the Aluminum pieces, although I already have weights for those inputted. Included will be a bunch of other metal parts, as well, so keep a look out. I’ll make a post here when I’ve updated the Wiki.

With luck I may have the updates finished tonight, but I ran into problems/wanted to do more last time I said that, so I can’t make any promises.

Again, thank you all for your kind words and support. :slight_smile:


I wrote a three part tutorial a couple of weeks ago on iMates.

Awesome! I missed that post. We’ll see if iMates will make the estimated 40 hour learning curve a bit less.

Once again, it proves yet again we’re not worthy of the jpearman greatness… Well, Jordan’s CAD library is pretty darn cool too.

Did anyone else need forever and a day to install Inventor 2013? It literally took hours. I am not sure if the anti virus was slowing the PC down or what. But it took literally hours to install everything. (That also counts the mandatory Windows Vista patch required by Autodesk. It’s so nice they look for that at install time. What other software do you know does that? Usually they let you fail and spend even more hours trolling the Autodesk support lines figuring out you need a weird service pack to fix an esoteric problem. Nip it in the bud!) If I remember right, 2011 Inventor took a long time too. I skippped 2012 Inventor so I did not try it then.

Also in my download it seems Autodesk did not sign the student edition installer executable (64 Bit windows). I am not sure if some tech savvy schools IT departments will go for that and allow unsigned apps to be installed on a PC. Anyone know if Autodesk reads Vexforum?


I updated the CAD parts on the Wiki last night, and finally got a chance to make a post about it now.

Updates include:

-A bunch of new metal parts!
-Updated materials in all the parts, meaning more accurate weights
-New, more realistic appearance for aluminum parts

Enjoy, and let me know what you’d like to see next! (Right now I’m thinking Screws & Nuts?)


Do you have anything on bevel gears, worm gears and their mounts?

I have all of the metal structural parts finished, but I am currently still working on polishing up the gears. I had them finished, but that was before I decided to improve them/add a bunch of neat stuff. :slight_smile:


Amazing CAD drawings! I haven’t had much time to CAD lately but I was able to view them and I am super excited to put your drawings to good use.

When will you come out with the screws and nuts? Also the gears and axles? those would be very useful for a while to get basic structures done on my teams bot for 2012-13.

Once again GREAT CAD drawings! :smiley: