Team 323Z Design Release

Hello everyone!

We finally have the mechanics of our robot all done! As promised, we are releasing a good deal about it. Our ‘All About the Robot’ video did incredibly well last year, so we decided to do that again this year.

Here is the video:

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Another note: last year we were very involved with helping teams, particularly rookie teams, with mechanical, design, and programming issues. We are still very driven to inspire and help as many teams as possible, so send any questions to and we will be more than happy to help!

Thanks for reading and good luck to all on this new season!
Luke Rohler
Team Coach
323Z Aftershock

An amazing, unique design! I can’t wait to see it in action.

I noticed your cable bundle swings around outside what I suspect is the 18 inch envelope. If so, do you have something to handle that? :slight_smile:

This is really one of the coolest designs so far!!

You custom-made that turn-table!? :eek:

Can’t wait to see it in action :slight_smile:

That turret is awesome!

Can’t wait to see it in competition

Awesome design :smiley: , I am looking forward to watching it at crown point.
Edit: We might be going to KIDS Inc instead of Crown Point, but I will be able to see it at Warren.

Awesome robot!
Two questions:
Do you have any videos of it shooting?
It looks you have 25:1 external gearing ratio. What’s your internal motor gearing?
I hope to see more in the future.

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

We are mimicking cable management systems we have seen on equipment at coaster parks.

Please come by our pit and introduce yourself Michael! We’d be happy to show you the robot.

Yes we do. One early video is on our YouTube channel. Currently, the accuracy is down a bit because we are fine tuning control code to increase fire rate. We are trying to cut our recovery time down to 0.625 seconds. The internal launcher gearing is 1:1 (torque).

Wow:eek:, fast recovery. Looks like 8059A finally got a match in a shoot out.:slight_smile:

Nice! Are you going to create a device to measure the recovery time down to the thousandth of a second too?

Maybe they shoots 1000 balls to collect data and make sure outliers don’t mess with the time. 10 minutes and 25 seconds to shoot 1000 balls is a pretty good goal to shoot for.

“…” was my reaction. Just unbelievable. Once again Team 323z once rises again. Awesome:D

Think it will be interesting to gather all the fast shooters during World for a wild wild west shootout style :smiley:

But… wait… it is at Louisville… it is not at the west…

The wild wild Midwest maybe?

Thats one awesome design :stuck_out_tongue: But can you accurately shoot while moving?

It smelled like it. :smiley:

Video analysis with an extremely high frame rate. So yes. Lol.

We are slowly working on programming. It will probably take all year to get the accuracy up to the potential of the mechanics. Our code will allow for the velocity of the robot in the launch speed and angle calculations, so yes.

While 60 fps, or even 240 fps may seem like a lot, there is no real way to tune down to 3 decimals of accuracy, I’m thinking that the VEX motors won’t be able to have that much accuracy in their speed, after all, they have 128 speeds in either direction, and then some of those speeds are the same, so really, at best, you want to have a target speed, and then see if you can add more mass to the flywheel.

Are you going to try to make an program for autonomous or otherwise with gyros and accelerometers to try to always have the shooter face the goal even while driving around to pick up balls?

Do you have any ideas for elevation that don’t require a rebuild?
Or do you not have enough space/motors?