Team 5492 Trollbot/Plan B reveal

Super stacking ended up being too finicky, sooo…

I saw this match. And Could not stop laughing.

What happened? Your robot/strategy looked good in theory, but you know what they say…

Too many things to improve, not enough time.

I would have to say, that was hilarious. I could not stop laughing.

Hey, at least you had probably the best robot at Worlds on your alliance :wink:

The funny thing is, you guys were also laughing!

It was a great effort and you almost managed to pull off stacking a couple of times.

I saw every robot in the Math division and it was high on my list of favorites, it was certainly the most entertaining.

Thanks jpearman,

As an (essentially) rookie team, this was a great learning experience. Most of my team members had no idea the scale of the event was this big. Now they’re much more equipped for next year’s challenge. This year we didn’t have a full field kit nor a tournament in our country, which impeded our practice somewhat. Next year we’ll be far better prepared. It’s a shame I’ll be in college, but I’ll certainly help out with designing.

I certainly had fun building Stacky too!

I was also surprised how many people knew me from the forums. Feel free to personal message me for a facebook invite if I saw you in person.

That’s hilarious! I wish I’d seen that match!!

Putting the lift so that you could control each side separately was genius, I was honestly doubled over laughing watching this match from the crowd, it looked like stacky just wanted to give them a bear hug :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the funniest things I have seen in a while. I knew it would be when you described it too me, but wow. Epic trollbot.

i beleive I actually saw this match. I thought your were trying to be a wall bot not that your robot split.

After we split, we did act as a wallbot.

That was fantastic… truly the work of some great trolls. I will have to remember that if our robot in the future ever ends up too inefficient to compete well. =)

You should repost that video with the soundtrack from this one: