Team 62 close up on transmission

Due to popular request and not being able to be at my pits a lot at worlds and talk to all the awesome people, i have made a short video to try to explain my transmission: Team 62 transmission closeup - YouTube

If anyone has any more questions about the robot, please ask. I love talking to people about how the robot works.


Your Robot is too beutiful to take apart haha!

It also has Karthik’s signature, you will have to get it again

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That is on a piece of plastic that he can take off and save it.

But it needs to be on something that is functional like this year:)

He also has signatures from a few former world skills champions on either side of the robot.

Awesome work Cameron. You probably don’t remember me, but I stopped by not long after you got to your pit (Wednesday evening?). You were so polite and told me all sorts of stuff about your robot. It is very clear that you know every bit of that robot inside and out. I chatted with your dad for awhile as well.

Your robot is absolutely remarkable and I’m glad I got the chance to meet you. We were in the arts division with you and my team always made sure to go watch your matches. We all thought for sure you would make it to the finals…but as you know, robotics like to through a person curve balls. I think it’s fair to say you had one of the best robots and you should be very proud of your work.

Good job team “Can I Get a Recipe?!” (If you were in the arts division you should get it…)

Hahaha i loved the announcers and the field staff in our division, they were always so funny. Thanks for the compliments, people’s interest in what i do is really what inspires my to spend my life building robots. Yeah the eliminations were tough but i wasn’t too upset because of skills :o better luck next year, at least i learned about field tolerances this year.

Very cool! Love the transmission. How did you shave the gear edges so nicely?

And another living room taken over by a Vex field!

I guess we both did. My 24pt autonomous was off and on because of the “field tolerances”. That blue side autoloader on field 3(during elimination rounds) in our Arts division was 3/4" off(on a 2" autoloader hole that is a BUNCH!) We were told by the field tech the tolerances are +/- 1".

At least field tolerances shouldn’t come into play with, Nothing but net.

This season at Worlds has made our team stronger and more determined! :wink:

Congrads on the Skills Award!

Field tolerances better be fixed for next years worlds otherwise field setup with all those balls is going to be annoying long! In VexU you are allowed to bring a level and then inform the field techs to make adjustments to it, so that is something to remember.

Thanks! I beveled the gears by putting the gear on an axle and spinning that axle with a drill. As you are spinning the gear, you grind the edges using a bench grinder. This causes the edges to grind very even and nice.

Wow, you did an excellent job then. They look very uniform. I would have thought a lathe was used.

It was nice meeting you, your dad and teammates being neighbors across the pit curtain wall last week neighbor. Looking forward to three more years of your creations.

I thought we were in for it when we saw you practicing across the aisle thinking it was the general level of competition at worlds. Little did I know I was witnessing the robot skills winner! Congrats!

Yep, that was probably me. From the Skyrise game manual.

In addition to this, vertical dimensions could be off by up to 1/4".

The problem arises from the exact placing of the field tiles, as the tabs have been removed the entire field (all the field tiles) can be positioned differently within the field perimeter. As the skyrise base is referenced to the tiles and the autoloader to the field perimeter there will be some variation from field to field. I was not involved in setup but the crew installing fields had to setup a huge number, it’s just not practical to get everything perfect, usually it will be close but perhaps we were on the upper end of the tolerances on some fields.

I know Cameron’s dad took some measurements, I would be interested to see what the numbers were for the fields in the Arts division.

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The ± 1" rule was kind of ridiculous for skyrise since a variation much smaller than that should actually be reasonable. I was pretty disappointed with the fields this year, but this is probably a good topic for a separate thread. In hindsight we should have made the length of the swingarm adjustable, and it seems that many teams overlooked this by the results of autonomous in RR. I only saw a few teams out of hundreds with adjustable dimensions for their skyrise mechanisms and they had a lot more success on any given field (McChicken from AURA for example).

The measurements on the arts fields ranges from -3/4" to -1/2" compared to my field at home. The skills fields (where my auton worked) ranged from + 1/16" to -1/16" compared my field at home. Just to clarify, in no way am i blaming my auton on the fields fault. The ±1" is a rule, just like all the other rules, we have to design the robot around them. My robot could not adapt to these changes and as a result, my auton didn’t work depending on the field. This was a fundamental design mistake that i overlooked, however i learned my lesson and it wont happen again. This year, more than ever, was affected by this rule due to the accuracy required to build the skyrise. I know that AURA had adjustable limits on their skyrise arm to cope with these tolerances, and to my knowledge, they never missed a skyrise section the entire competition.

I personally enjoy the field tolerance rule. It makes us as engineers, think and design around it. Trust me, I originally did not like it either. We lost our state division finals because our auton would not work on a field with a 1/2 inch gap between the tiles and the field perimeter. Because of this, we programmed our robot so that we could calibrate to each field at Worlds. It was a great learning experience.

VEX parts also have a tolerance of ± 1", so coupled with the field tolerances of ± 1", we could be dealing with 2" of difference, which is more than enough to screw up any routine.

3 more years…what grade is Cameron in? (not sure if your considering VexU or not…)

He is the most amazing freshman I have ever met!

Yes, I agree. I had assumed he was a high school senior and was really surprised when I looked up his bio (on his schools robotics club web site).

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