Team 62 Tower Takeover Early Season Teaser

The link to the teaser video can be found here.

Team 62, with some help from Area 51 Robotics and 6671, is proud to present an early season teaser for our first Tower Takeover robot, Lil Caesar. This was initially a Ri3D concept but we loved the design so much we wanted a little more time to tune. Tell us what you think and feel free to drop any comments below!

4m 300 RPM chassis on 2.75" wheels (equivalent of ~209 RPM on 4" wheels)
2m 200 RPM 1:5 winch powered 6 stage scissor lift (inspired by AURA)
1m 600 RPM 1:1 deploying side roller intake
1m 100 RPM 1:5 upper 4 bar / claw opener
Passive vertical intake with a 5 cube capacity
& 62 screw joints


great bot! the scissor lift looks really good, why did you go for a scissor over a dr4b? also, what is special about a 62 screw joint? I would look forward to competing against this, but by the time we do compete you’ll probably have an even better bot.


Your scissor lift looks really good and stable and can quickly extend :+1: and I like how your design is not exactly like all the past reveals (mainly DR4B and Trays).

Edit: also, I love the name!:blush:


We wanted to try something new, especially since there are few consequences for experimenting in the early season. Plus, our team’s design philosophy is to try to push the meta, to experiment, and to think outside the box.

The screw joints aren’t unique, there are just 62 of them.


B i g S k i s s o r 2


Also, what made your team decide to use Omni wheels over mecanum. Just curious because those were the two my team was between for our bot but we finally decided to go with mecanum for stafting ability.

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The main reason we chose scissor over dr4b is because of the way the weight shifts. On a dr4b, all the weight shifts forwards as it goes up, while on a scissor, all the weight shifts backwards. That way we can counteract the weight of 4-5 cubes 5 feet in the air so that the whole bot doesn’t tip. Also yeah, there are just a lot of screw joints on this bot, nothing too special about them :slight_smile:


B I G S C I S S O R 2
good work guys.


(whistles) That is sweet.


We chose omnis for a couple reasons. Mainly, there is a decent loss of power/speed when using mecanums (because of how little the wheel touches the ground) and we don’t really need the strafing capability. We wanted to maximize our cycle speed which meant maximizing drive speed, and our side rollers make it so we can process cubes easily without needing to strafe. Mecanums can definitely be really good though, depending on the design of your robot.


Oh lol that makes sense. I thought you guys had come up with a special screw joint you dubbed the 62 joint after your team number. makes more sense.


nice work. wonder why you use two 5-hole c channel in the middle. Does that add a lot of weight?

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We used the boxed 5-wides to add a huge amount of stability to the lift. They do add a solid amount of weight, but we counter all the extra weight by adding a lot of rubber bands to the lift instead.

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Looks a lot like the scissor lift robots from skyrise :thinking: Any tips for making a scissor lift less janky? Ours has a lot of twisting in the bottom two c-channels and it makes the motors crooked. if you need to look at it. The c-channels with motors mounted on them twist inwards and it makes the power distribution less efficient


Our scissor lift was mainly modeled on that of AURA’s 15” bot from Skyrise, McChicken. Here is a link to their design notebook from that year:

Reading through this and looking at their photos helped us a lot, so if you take a look it might help you out as well!


I wanna note that a design like this will be more viable than a one time deposit tray bot (due to versatility). Sure you have a slower deposit speed and smaller cube capacity, but with only 3 towers you can place to work with, a one time tray deposit seems less and less efficient. I think tray bots will need to use a defense strategy to be viable, not a raw stacking strategy. And evading defense in a field like this won’t be too hard with a speedy drive and protected zones. If you want to be more offensive, you build something like this. Nice job by the way.!


Who says the difference in deposit speed is enough to matter, and that you have a smaller cube capacity?

I never said it did, in fact, I argue a slower deposit and lower cube capacity is better. Sorry if I worded something confusing, or if I’m misinterpreting your response.

I wasn’t saying that slower cycle rate and lower cube capacity was a benefit, I was simply asking who said these problems existed in the first place.

A lot of people argue that a slower cycle speed and smaller cube capacity are ineffective. There is an entire thread dedicated to discussing the benefits of a lift vs a tray and a lot of people believe that intake speed and deposit speed will be the end all be all to this game. The “DR4B vs Tray” thread if you were interested in seeing the other side of the argument.

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