Team 7700R robot explanation and learnings (Google SIgnature Event champion)

7700R has innovated a lot this tower takeover Season and I would hate for it to all go unseen. The goal is to show all of our innovations so that other teams may learn from them and possibly use this themselves.


7700R has had it’s an arguable most successful year. we competed in about 120 matches winning approximately 105 of them. We won tournament champion at the google signature event and at states going undefeated at both. The robot features a lot of custom parts, innovations, and smart sensor use, enjoy!


The intake sensors are mega-brained. That’s a real innovative solution and approach to sensing what’s actually going on with the intakes.

Personally, I think there are parts on this robot that are over engineered (though the v5 motors can definitely handle it). But this is simply something @ThirdDegree refers to as “build style”, meaning that your robot can work perfectly, but not might adhere to others’ build preferences.

TL;DR this is an amazing robot, and I’m glad you made an explanation video on it.


I love the cube lock. Simple and reliable.
Great job overall.

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Robot looks good, how did you guys do in the virtual competition?