Team Dynamic Problems

Side note to the thread: the reason 24t sprockets are faster is because of the larger radius, but you were missing the fact that a larger radius creates a larger tangential velocity for a given angular velocity (for most intakes 200 rpm).


also IMO, (before I get this thread off track :joy:) you are totally right. the driver should also be the most committed person on the team. The driver should know the robot down to the screw, and exactly how it functions. every robot has its kinks that are unique to that robot, and so there are often many things that require specific ways of driving or specific buttons/functions that do things to make that robot work at its fullest. these specific kinks are usually only known to the one that built the robot. The driver should not be that one person who claims he/she’s the best driver and, thought they might be the best natural driver, knows nothing about how the robot was built or coded.(Yes, that is a thing, some people are naturally better at driving than others, people are different…). The best drivers are always very involved in the building and programming of the robot, if not they are the main builders. I have seen many amazing teams that consist of two people that are super tight, where one person is the driver AND main builder, while the other is an insanely smart programmer. (2114x…7k…)

This is practically the criteria for who should be the driver on the team, unless this person doesnt want to drive; its all up to team preference in the end, and who is interested in what area of STEM.


We have a team of 3, and we work really well with each other. We all talk outside of VEX about random stuff. Our team has been friends for a while, so we decided to split off of our old team of 5 last year and move to just us 3. Personally, I have a struggle that I have been trying to get over for soooooo long. I have a lot of trust issues. It’s sometimes super hard to deal with because It makes me feel like a super control freak and I don’t like it. I think it is because when something needs done, I instantly visualize it exactly how it should be done, and my mind just instantly wants to do it exactly the way I visualized it. Don’t get me wrong, I still am open to all of my other teammates’ opinions, suggestions, ect. This isn’t just in VEX either, It is in almost everything I do. Trust issues in a team are horrible, I’m here to tell you. I hate that I am like that and I wish I could stop it, but it’s really hard. Earlier in the year one of my teammates asked me if she could learn to program, and of course I said yes, but I never actually took an incentive to teach her. I think this is because of my trust issues because I am so used to being the one doing almost everything that I can’t imagine not doing something. I do building, programming, and driving at my house. When we are at school practices, it is usually either one teammate notebooking and the other helping me build something or him resetting the robot/field when I am programming. I just feel like I am being so selfish and mean to my teammates when I am doing all of this, but at the same time I want it done quick and done right.

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Maybe you could try quality control. Just inspect every part that your teammates make and make sure they are up to standards.

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here are the biggest team dynamic problems I have seen in the past:

  • different levels of commitment in terms of time and focus
  • lack of communication and understanding amongst all members
  • major discrepancies in distribution of work
  • people with overlapping roles i.e. driving + programming
  • time management issues
  • lack of directive
  • being unable to compromise + integrate multiple ideas/perspectives

Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble :slight_smile:

My team’s main problem this year was a lack of communication about what we were doing and that resulted in one person (mostly me, but not always) inadvertently monopolizing the design decisions for the robot. We did manage to resolve the problem, but it took a lot of talking and some apologies.
The other problem I have had in years past was discussions about designs and the like just turning into fights instead of being constructive. I can’t really remember how we resolved those other than just waiting for everyone to calm down.
As general advice to keep these kinds of problems, mine would be: make sure everyone is in the loop and communicating, watch for problems in the team dynamic (like pointless arguments) and be ready to point them out, and most importantly, apologize when you know you’ve done something wrong.


This one is easy, what we do is have scrimmages during practice. You get 3 matches in a row against different opponents. Have someone count the amount of points that you score, this is doesn’t count your alliance partner or autonomous. Average the score, have the robot rest, get fresh batteries, and do this again for every driver and/or pair. The highest average score is the winner. We even had matches so close that sometimes someone won by like 1 point.

Now during the tournament, we have 1st string and 2nd string. Tournaments usually have 7 matches so 1st string gets 4 and 2nd string gets 3. At the end of the 7 matches, the team goes over notes and discuss who performed the best. If there is a tie, the coach makes the call.

You want to avoid having member of the team fall in love with the robot. Our team had trouble with this this season. A member of our team grew fond of our robot so they started an intimate relationship with it. We all thought it was odd but we let the relationship continue until it escalated. I don’t want to go into details but their behavior with the robot was not appropriate so we had to kick him off the team. After the traumatic event, we don’t think we will continue our team.


How gosh 2020202020202020

While important, I don’t think this is a very common issue. Do continue your team though; you shouldn’t let one person stop you from learning.


Vexlover I thought we chose not to disclose this information in public

I am greatly disturbed and I agree with @2775Josh here that is something that needs to be addressed at a higher level than a robotics team with that person.


This topic was not meant to be shown to the public but the cats out the bag :wink:

ok let’s just move on.

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I’m so incredibly confused…

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How do you even get attracted to a vex robot? All my robot does to me is rip my skin open. They’re nothing but brutally sharp edges!


I think the kid shouldn’t be kicked from the team, but maybe counseling should be taken place. “objectophilia” is not normal, but looking further into it:


What in the world. Having a relationship with the robot is the weirdest thing I have ever heard in vex


My team last year absolutely sucked. I mean, we did well at comps, but we had some very bad problems. I was a sixth grader, and it was my first year in VEX, I had another 6th grader, a 7th grader, and 2 8th graders on my team. One of the eighth graders went all dictator mode on us and wouldn’t let us use anything except his ideas. The other sixth grader, who was my best friend, and I eventually went to an extra build session and built a crappy H drive. That was four months after our season started. We eventually finished out the season with that same H drive, and the 7th grader driving. Oh yeah, that was another thing. The 8th grader wouldn’t let anyone else drive the robot. And the other eighth grader followed him around like a puppy. She did everything he did, and supported him, then eventually, in April, right before our only comp of the year, my friend and the two eighth graders quit. It was me and the 7th grader, and we worked well together. He coded, and I was like a multi-tool. I did whatever needed to get done. And we worked well together. Then the dictator came back at one of th elast practices of the year, after we modified the bot and added a ball launcher and cap flipper, and yelled at me for making the robot better. Overall, the whole year absolutely sucked. And I know this doesn’t really add anything to this, I just had to share this story because that experience was borderline traumatizing.


Aw that really sucks. That wasn’t a very good impression of VEX for your first time but it did expose the ugly sides. Thank you for sharing this though because other people with similar situations will feel better knowing there are others going through similar situations.