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(I posted this question on another thread regarding the 2020-2021 online challenges, although I was afraid that it might get buried in the discussion, so I decided to post here as well)

I have a quick question about the online challenges this year, specifically regarding the team website online challenge. On the description page for the website challenge, it states that the 1st place prize is a $750 gift certificate, but does not include any information about the winning team qualifying for VEX Worlds. I was a bit confused because in previous years, the winning team was always awarded a position at Worlds. Will it be different this year and why?

Additionally, further down on the page, it still states that one team will win the qualification spot to VEX Worlds. Is this just a typo that hasn’t been changed yet?




Covid-19 is happening. so idk maybe no worlds

Some challenges this year are listed to give automatic entry to Worlds, so that can’t be right.

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Hm, this is confusing. Maybe this year they changed the prizes.

Well, the World Championships are listed on Robotevents. But I guess we’ll have to see how the pandemic goes about it’s course as we get closer to the championships.

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I really don’t know, true robotevents have listed worlds but really it depends on the pepole around the world

I guess im late to the punch.

This is rather confusing.

Regarding worlds:
I pretty much expect worlds to happen. To schedule it two years in a row and make the game and produce peices and THEN cancel something seems like financial suicide. Besides the pandemic has run it’s course, and at least the USA (Not sure about other countries) is flourishing yet again.

I find it alarming how views of covid and similar topics make their way on a VEX forum. Take my previous paragraph. I made a fine point, but how much you wanna bet the part about the USA could be removed without affecting the post?

I would ask that the forum refrain from misinforming others with things such as

Calls to shut down yet again instead of suggesting how to reopen arn’t really that relevant. Political veiws and beliefs are ingrained in everyday life, so it’s natural for it to pop up, but really? The first response immediately referenced a vague fear of a virus.

I understand that this post inadvertently shows my beliefs (art least a little bit), but I ask this for the sake of the forum. Let’s be careful about how we respond.

Thanks to @GBHS_VEX_Member and @kaelem for offering helpful info.

uh, hate to burst your bubble, but

This is a completely false statement. The pandemic now is still raging and very dangerous. It’s way worse now then when worlds had to be cancelled last season. While obviously cancelling worlds again will be a huge financial hit to recf, they might not have a choice.

this is kind of off-topic, but I feel the need to correct that statement in case people reading this topic are misled.


To that I must disagree, but I wish you had simply PM’ed me.

That would be your personal belief, which you asserted to be true. I know that view is the general consensus, but you now have vilified me by classifying me as a dangerous “pied piper” or so.
The problem is, whether this is true or not, it doesn’t belong here, and I am seeing it everywhere. To attempt to condemn me for this very action by the opposite spectrum of beliefs makes no sense.

I agree that he statement in question was off-topic, and I can remove that sentence, but only if all posts stating the opposite were as well. This is impractical, so let it be.

(Btw pm about all the specs regarding your robots cycle speed too :slight_smile:)

Ture fact already around the world there are second waves of Covid-19, and we could get a second wave, really my opinion is to wait till covid-19 cases lower down a bit then we can start doing comptions

my statement had nothing to do with personal belief or politics. it was based entirely on facts.

here is a graph showing new cases in the US:
new reported cases

you’ll notice 2 distinct surges. The initial surge, and the much larger second surge.

worlds was canceled before the peak of the initial surge. Right now, there are still more daily cases then there was at the peak of the initial surge. So logically, worlds would be cancelled now.

Lets talk about the second surge. The second surge began shortly after the united states decided it was ok to reopen many things. Obviously from looking at the resulting spike, it was not ok. Cases were able to rise from just 20k daily cases all the way to 67k. This should give you a good idea on how easy it is for the virus to suddenly spike again.

But you might say, “look at the current trend, it’s going steeply downwards”. which is a valid point, but it isn’t something we can rely on. If the downward trend after the first surge had continued uninterrupted, there would be very few daily cases. But obviously that trend didn’t continue, and assuming this trend will continue as well is dangerous.

Also I want to bring up the daily testing rate:
daily tests

you’ll notice that we’ve been doing less testing recently. In order to keep an accurate number of daily cases, daily tests need to be growing with the cases. But daily tests are not growing, they’ve been down the past month. How much of the downward trend in daily reported cases is caused by the downward trend in daily tests is hard to say for sure, but it’s definitely a part of it.

My point is, the pandemic is far from over, and it is far from safe to go back to a normal life. And it’s dangerous to spread the idea that it is, when all the facts say it definitively isn’t.

Also I apologize for getting this thread way off-topic, I just need to say this to avoid anyone being mislead. I’d appreciate it if nobody posted any more covid related things here.

btw if anyone is interested in where I got these charts:


bruh what no we’re not

this has nothing to do with politics