Teaser 3


I know what it is! :D:cool:

A planetary gearbox?

Since I know that you have been wanting a lazy Susan/turntable, I wouldn’t be surpised if this was one

Wow, I thought this one would be obvious!


Speaking of Planetary… Cody… :smiley:

oh, its the telescoping arm you hinted at. I’m mad at myself for not realizing this earlier.

I’ve already considered that one.

I didn’t really see the advantage in it. BUT we can still take the dog for a walk :wink:


I know i know!!!
I know what it is !!!



If you can figure it out, my team’s robot from two years ago had a very vague form of a planetary gear system, for what it’s worth…


This album has some close-ups of Cookie Monster, (177’s robot from that year) and I’d be more than happy to give a detailed explanation if anybody needs it…

Just throwing it out there… For what it’s worth… Planetary systems are very amazing. :smiley:

Oh, and when/how do I get to use the Aperture signature? 'cause that’s cool! and I’d love to work on some of these designs with y’all!

mind explaining how it works?
looks to be elastic powered but i cannot tell how to incorporate motor power into that efficiently…

Add me on Skype (codysmith105) and/or AIM (codysmith105) and consider it yours. I guess gtalk works too (smartkid101 [at] gmail.com).

We’ll get you into the group conversations, that goes for anyone really interested in all of this.



Not elastic… never, ever, EVER again! Stupid catapult…!!!

This uses the Vex rope.

Seriously though, anything but elastic…

OK, elastic is fine, we just majorly screwed up our spindle design.

Clean Sweep sucked! Stupid freaking football…


I’m not sure why you would want a telescoping arm though. I don’t know how it would be powered, although it might be a motor on linear slides moving itself up, as well as the next level, leading to a 2:1 ratio of movement. I guess it would just be a linear lift with good supports on it, although it might create some friction.

On the other hand, those don’t look a lot like Vex parts anyways, so who knows? It could be a very heavily disguised autocannon. Nice sig by the way.

Those are indeed Vex parts :smiley:


Allow me to explain. No, that will take too long… Let me sum up…

VEX and FTC used to be one and the same. (that’s FIRST Tech Challenge, for you young’uns…) VEX split, and 177 stayed with FTC for that first year. They went with the Tetrix kit of parts, which is what you see…

The way it works is NOTTTTTT elastic!!! Basically, the gearing system drives the first arm up and down. Then gears from there go to the second arm, which is jointed on the other end of the first arm, rotating it as well… If you look through the other pictures, (especially right before/after) you can see it in different configurations… Basically, we wanted to go from 18"-cubed, to extending out and up…

And in case you were wondering, string was unlimited, so we (our coach’s wife) crocheted a basket that would hold the hockey pucks that were the game piece for Face-Off, the challenge for that year…

Hopefully that helps?

Oh, and I’ll add skype people… Mine is joseph4147

Hey, I’m bored and like designing stuff and haven’t had a Vex team in awhile. Can I join the fun?

Sure just add Cody and I on Skype or Aim and we can talk

You already have Cody’s contact info

My Info is:

AIM: arremmers