Technical manual v5 (ports)

Hello everyone I am looking for a manual of technical specifications, my team want to conect a microcontroller (ARDUINO) with a V5 input port but i need to know the specifications of the ports (input and output voltage and amperage) if you have or know about some link of internet just put it here.

THANK YOU :grinning:

V5 legacy 3-wire ports are supplied with voltage of 5V and have total maximum current limit of 2A shared between 8 ports (

V5 smart ports, I believe, are 12V and have max current limit of 2.5A per motor or 20A/number_of_motors when you have more than 8 motors connected. That is likely enforced both by the motor firmware and eFuse on a V5 power distribution board.

Additional information regarding connecting third-party electronic components to V5 could be found in these threads:


Just to add. If your doing the USB method you need the arduino to run as USB host so would need something like

Still seems like best way to communicate.