Thank You, from Bryon Tjanaka|86868 THE RESISTANCE

My fellow Roboteers,

I have come here to express my gratitude to those who have made the past VEX season possible. From the surprising success I encountered in my regional tournaments to winning the world championship with 7258A and 8192D, the 2016-2017 Starstruck season was the best in all of my time in VEX. It was certainly one of the best years of my life. Along the way, I have made countless unforgettable memories and forged numerous incredible friendships. As my time as a high school VEX competitor has ended, it is only right that I thank all involved.

Thank you to my family for everything they have done to support me in my VEX journey. Thank you to my brother, Dylon Tjanaka, for sticking with me through the countless hours of building and the absurd number of tournaments. Thank you to my parents, who have guided and supported me.

Thank you to RECF and VEX Robotics for creating and organizing the VEX Robotics Competition. VRC is truly a world-class event.

Thank you to the event partners and volunteers who have made tournaments happen. Even after attending so many tournaments, it never ceases to amaze me how much work organizers put in to make every event run smoothly.

Thank you to the hundreds of teams I have played with and against. My experiences with you guys have been both enjoyable and educational. Of course, I offer a HUGE thank you to 7258A and 8192D. Winning worlds is no easy feat, and you guys were there to help me do it.

Finally, I thank YOU, the members of the VEX Forum. Though many of you may not realize it, you have all helped me in some way, directly or indirectly, in big ways and small ways. Whether I was looking for robot advice or rules clarification, you guys have always been there for me. In short, I am grateful for the sense of community you guys have always provided me.

As the old adage goes, all good things come to an end. Indeed, my high school VEX career has at last finished. I will carry the memories I have made with me throughout the rest of my life.

Bryon Tjanaka

P.S. I will continue to check the forum.

It was amazing competing with you and an honor losing to you at almost every tournament last year. It was crazy how you managed to win Worlds after starting your own team only last year! Nor Cal will definitely miss you and thanks for being such a great competitor and a great sport. You definitely made last year my most memorable in VEX. On behalf of Lewie and the rest of 8000, you’ll be missed!

My favorite memory of you and 86868 will always be when your whole family was using their hands as fans to cool your motors at Dougherty Valley last year.

Never got to actually talk with you in person but I have always been a fan from the other side of the country. It so fascinating to see a 1st year team be so successful and even win world. Congrats to you for your great success. We will all miss you, and we wish you luck for the future. Question: you mentioned that your brother is on your team, will he be continuing The Resistance team?


Congratulations again on winning the World Championship. Our team enjoyed coming out to the west coast in February and putting another tournament championship together with you and your team. We will always remember that tournament and glad we could be part of your 2017 campaign to the World Championship.

Keep in touch!

Same, it was nice practicing against you in the practice field at Worlds. You will be missed!!!

I’m ZilongWang from 7258A, though I didn’t play at Worlds, I am proud of you all.
I focused on Worlds a lot while the Worlds was being competed. Besides that I always kept in touch with not only my teammate but also my friends. I know how hard you guys were in the Competition. As what I had said to them, if you worked hard, you will get a return. Though I had never believed that you could win the Worlds, but you did. What you impressed me was your astonishing performance.
Meanwhile, I appreciated team 86868 and 8192D a lot. Without you guys we would get nothing at Worlds. In addition, I must appreciate all my opposite alliance in this season. You helped me improveand improve. Without you we would also get nothing at Worlds.
At Last, in my opinion, the most important thing at worlds is that you harvested friendship during the Worlds.
Hope the cooperation with you in the next Season. Thank you again, Team 86868 and 8192D. The moment when i played VEX is the best moment in my lift. VEX gave me a lot and let me a lot. If I have a chance, I will keep playing VEX at college.
(My English is pretty bad, if i made some mistakes and did expressed me correctly, let me know and i will amend it.)
Zilong Wang,
Team captain of 7258A
Team 7258A

@Bryon Tjanaka Ian Clavio here, former Nerd Herd 687A co-captain. Congratulations on winning the 2017 VEX World Championship. It’s been a pleasure to be your alliance at Worlds and “California Mid State Starstruck” (even though I was not there to see it). Starstruck is my last season, so I’m going to miss VEX too.

Good luck and God bless you on your future endeavors!

Seeing your team crush all the competitors with ease was something I’ll never forget. Also a good time competing with/against you at NorCal states, because of that I can say that my team was ranked higher than a world champion for 1 minute or so lol. Anyways, remember your experience on 86868 and be proud of it, because you and your team went really far and made a really kick-butt robot! Good luck in your future journeys, and again, congratulations on being a world champ!