Thank You Guys!

Thank you everyone for helping me with VEXcode! It works, finally, I replaced the cord and everything seems to be working now that I can download!


thank you so much to @enothecool, @gbr, @jpearman, and anyone else I missed that made my life SO much easier


What about us?

The Banana Bois

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Btw check out our topic new team need help.

We really need help.

The Banana Bois

thank you

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You’re very welcome.

Yours Truly,
The Banana Bois

Fair enough @enothecool, I will put an asterisk next to your name in my list of the suspected trolls.

For the record, I did mark a number of your posts as off-topic after you firmly put yourself in the center of attention regarding spamming of the forums.

I went back to the threads that you have been contributing to, and took a second look at the posted content.

First observation was that on many of the threads, that were recently locked, you were one of the top contributors.

I found a few of your posts that were helpful and informative, but in the vast majority of cases, I din’t see your posts adding much value to the educational process or being aligned with the mission of the VRC.

I consider this to be mostly a distraction to the students who come here to seek help and discuss technical and organizational issues.

For young people it is not easy to stay focused on the learning and keep themselves from being distracted by the countless memes and other empty content that internet has to offer.

Granted, that everybody needs some good laughter to stay happy, too much of the memes is not good for your brain.

Therefore, it is our job to keep the discussion balanced with any distractions not exceeding healthy FDA mandated levels, and some forum members understand that better than others:


+10000000000. 106 posts in the past 4 days is not a good thing, ever. That is a darn lot of posts, with the majority of them being spam posts that got said threads locked. I could not agree more. There is no issue with being on here and making jokes, but this is too much. This is primarily meant to be an educational platform.


I would agree. In the past week, I think I’ve seen more treads locked for spam than the rest of the time Iv’e been a member of the forum


Thing is, so many things were marked as spam that were most definitely not.

I would disagree with that. if you find yourself making a post that contributes nothing to the forums, then just don’t make it. quite often I quit making a post halfway through when I realize it will contribute nothing.


I often do the same. Just don’t hit send if it won’t help.


Some of what I post could accurately be flagged as spam, but most of what was flagged seemed to just be people scrolling through a thread and flagging my posts.
Edit: Also if anyone wishes to continue this discussion please pm me instead of talking in this thread

Yes, that did happen, because most of it was spam.


but they are not contributing and cluttering up the forum.
I silenced you last night as a gentle suggestion that you should keep posts on topic. The next stage would be suspension for a longer period of time, it’s your choice.


@enothecool honestly, just take it as a learning experience. I don’t think there’s any reason to try and be searching for a reason why u were flagged. Some time ago, I posted a derogatory acronym on an iq thread and was pointed out for it so I just took it, wrote a public apology, and fixed my ways. I recommend you do the same.


I used to encourage my PLTW students to go to VEX Forum for their online research and for programming and engineering advice.

However, it would be a tough call this year, because I don’t want them to get stuck and waste much of their class time in one of those endless meme threads.

James, for years you have been creating quality content for the VEX Forum, answering student questions, and quietly moderating it behind the scenes.

You are my hero!

Thank you!


Also, the last tournament in Groton, we got Tournament Champion and Excellence Award! Thanks again, and see you at State! :wink:


And Nationals, I forgot to add

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