Thanks RECF for a great Change Up Worlds 2021

Before we get over-run with the “new game” threads I want to say “Thanks, you guys rock” to the RECF, VEX and (what appears to be thousands) volunteers. Team experiences from Delmarva were very good. With all the moving parts things went very smooth.

Teams loved meeting, competing (with and against) with teams from around the world (and just up the highway. Lots of great new friendships made!

It was a miracle season for lots of teams, a miracle that some of us could compete, some of us could go to live events, some of us could go to LRT and LRS events. A miracle that RECF was able to pivot direction in a world wide pandemic and pull off the LRT/LRS environments.

Nice job to the roboteers for building and driving the wheels off of some amazing robots. Take a few mins and post your reveal, we’d love to see what you built up close!


yup, you guys rock. Such a great end to a great season and a great game. Also a great start to the new season. Although, with only 1 brief technical difficulty, the new game reveal should be fun!


Yeah. I just want to say thank you for all who made this year possible- the teams for competing, the coaches and judges and refs for coming to events, the parents for allowing their teams to compete, the people at vex for trying to pick this season up and making this worlds possible. Thank you everyone.


Where is the game reveal? I can’t find it

Not out yet, they’re scoring the last match for the finals, and it should be out shortly after that.


will be here



The entire REC Foundation appreciates this post! Thank you!!!