The best design ideas for Tower Takeover

Hi. I want to know good design ideas for Tower Takeover. I would be happy if you could send me a video too!

Currently, there’s just one very generic idea that most people are doing. Just look at vex tower takeover reveal videos on YouTube and you’ll find it

From what I have seen, people are making DR4B robots that can hold a couple of cubes but can stack on preexisting stacks. And people are also making tray robots that can intake about 8 cubes. You can look at this thread if you want to know the pros and cons of both designs. DR4B vs Tray Stacker

One of the most popular designs is a tray that folds out, rollers that pick up the cubes, then the tray will push all the cubes into the scoring zone. A more recent China tournament featured 4 of these robots in finals.

There is no best Design. Now or ever. The traybots described above seem to be prominent, as well as liftbots. But we won’t get any better without people trying new ideas or variants on the existing ones.

So with that, I implore you to come up with an idea/variant of your own. Absolutely take inspiration from others, but make your bot your own.


This is my robot. It consists of a tray on a lift with fold down roller intakes. Think gateway but linear. I think it’s an excellent design for both towers and stacking. It’s fine at stacking just like a normal tray bot, but the lift allows it to do towers efficiently. I think one of the strengths of the roller intake is to grab cubes at weird angles. This design can grab cubes in towers which are at weird angles and because the tray moves up with the lift towers can be swapped very quick. It comes with more design constraints in terms of size and weight but it’s actually very easy and reasonable to build. It can descore and rescore towers faster than complex traybots.

E: I take it back. I think it’ll be like last year, where most bots didn’t use lifts but rather simple arms to score caps.


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