the camera work for the worlds matches needs a lot of improvement

It be a lot easier to watch the matches if the camera guy didn’t keep doing close up shots of the drivers’ faces, random balls in corners, individual robots, and not take the camera completely off the field.

Maybe an inexperienced cameraman but I wouldn’t say a monkey.

Then again I haven’t been watching the stream so maybe there is.

They are trying to get action shots, and mix it up a little. If you can’t deal with it, you should just not watch the stream, not insult the camera man.

Which division are you watching? I’ve watched science for a couple minutes now and it’s been good.

action shots of off field, random balls in corners, and peoples faces? I may not have had a very good choice of words but the camera work is terrible. It might not even be the fault of whoever is working the camera, might just be poor instruction.

Mostly math.

I Hope so. And hopefully they don’t mess up the game reveal like they did last year.

the livestream for the opening ceremony didn’t work for the first half

I just watched a match in Technology and just as a robot was high lifting, the camera man cut to a shot of the crowd.

I’d appreciate more whole field streaming with less closeup shots. If there’s action like robots pinning or defending, it’s fine, but yeah, don’t focus on faces or balls in the corner.

I am trying to do remote scouting for one of our teams at worlds, and the camera focusing on the drivers faces is making it difficult

@DRow, we all understand that there are technical difficulties with, like sound out of sync or just few of the games available for replay, that are beyond your control.

But, please, tell camera crew to stop switching views so much. It is almost painful to watch, when in the middle of the action, they cut from the full field view and zoom onto a drive team member’s hands holding joystick.

If they just leave cameras alone, while both the nets and and driver’s faces are visible at the same time, it will work like a charm.

Math cameraman has stared at the crowd for the last two matches…

Edit: make that three
Edit2: make that four… I’m done with this.

Yeah, there seems to be some miscommunication in math about what cameras are being used, so we are spending the entire time looking at anything but the game being played. If they could stick to the field cameras (which I assume is what the mobile cameraman thinks is happening) then we would get the best view of the game.

Edit: It seems to be sorted now, thanks to whoever worked that out. :slight_smile:

Seriously, students, parents, and mentors who are out there, could you, please, talk to somebody who are in a position to fix this.

I assume camera crews were trained to cover more traditional sporting events and want to do it as best as they could. Please, explain them politely but firmly that in case of VRC less is better and they need to learn it quick.

Unlike majority of the sporting events, where there is a single point of action, Nothing But Net has four robots, multiple scoring objects as well as two nets that all are important to understanding dynamics of the match.

It is already challenging to follow the game, even without randomly changing view angles. Zooming in on a small parts of the action and staying at those views for longer than 1/2 sec at a time makes it next to impossible to understand what is happening in the match.

I’ve just tried to to watch two matches with teams that I know in the math division, and they were both set to the wrong field. While one match was being played, I watched the other field being setup, and then the next match, they swapped the camera to the field that was just paying and I watched them setup while the match was going.
The rest of the divisions seem fine. Is there a protest in the math division that I don’t know about.

The livestreams for last year, at least for the round robin and finals, were pretty good, so I don’t know what happened this year