The Clawtapult

I was bored, so even though Starstruck season is long gone, I decided to design something ultimate for that years game. What I came up with is what I call a clawtapult- a claw that when fully horizontal is a giant catapult.

Literally the only vex gear we have to practice things on are a couple of stars, but then “we” (our robot) kinda munched em so they are taped together.

Most of the robots during SS were clawtapults.

Check this out

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like that

The real question is who doesn’t?

Good luck finding the motor strength to both drive, lift, and operate the claw

it wasn’t a question, it was indicating an example of clawtapults.

I thought you said “i like that” lol


Almost as seizure-inducing as the standoff robot.

This would be way too unstable as a catapult and would most likely catch and break on something, not the best idea imo