The Curse...

Rip Discobots 2587z, they should have won.

agreed, both 2915 and disco lost this time

and not even to eachother

GG guys

1 ball changed it all

Oh my, 118 lost too. I wanted 974x to win though.

Disco curse is dead

3 discobots in world finals… Discobots to OP

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Now impossible for discos to lose… The curse is lifted


No, because 2587z was “cursed”, not all disobots

This is correct 2587z still has never won worlds

2915A won excellence, instead of the worlds championship. I can’t say which is better.

They say the excellence award is the highest award in VEX, so who are the real world champions here? Worlds excellence award winners or Worlds competition winners?

The world champions are the world champions, but the overall best team is the excellence award winner.

Is it the first year where most of the teams in the finals weren’t American?

Where’s the webcast for the eliminations?

@Mystical Pie
There’s nothing recorded…