The Official VIQC Next Level Q&A is Now Open!

Hello all, it’s that time of year again! The Q&A system for VIQC Next Level is now open, and can be found at its new home on RobotEvents -

This system has been custom-built from the ground up as an efficient and user-friendly interface where teams can learn more about VIQC Next Level. Question tagging, improved search functionality, and a dynamic “download all questions” PDF generator are just some of the features that we’re excited to introduce this season. Please note that the Q&A system is not linked with the VEX IQ Forum in any way - to ask a question, users just need to be logged in to a RobotEvents account that is associated with a registered team for the current VIQC season.

As always, please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting, and remember to search the Game Manual (or existing answers) before asking your question.

Thank you, and I’ll see you in the Q&A’s!