The Robot must represent the skill level of the Team

Reading G5, looks like they are really trying to close the loopholes.

Each Team must include Drivers, Programmer(s), Designer(s), and Builder(s). No Student may fulfill any of these roles for more than one VEX IQ Challenge Team in a given competition season. Students may have more than one role on the team, e.g. the Designer can also be the Builder, the Programmer and a Driver.

There is also pretty clear definitions of what Drivers, Programmers, Designers and Builders are. For example:
ProgrammerThe Student(s) on the Team who write(s) the computer code that is downloaded onto the Robot. An Adult cannot be the Programmer on a Team. Adults are permitted to teach the Programmer associated concepts, but may never be working on the code that goes on the Robot without the Programmer present and actively participating.

I like stated: Adults can teach the xxxx associated concepts. Nice, so we can teach roboteers things!!

Adults are permitted to teach the Builder associated concepts, but may never be working on the Robot without the Builder present and actively participating.

And we can help!! Yay! No more flinging a box of parts on a table top and hoping for the best!

But I really like the sections that talk about strategic moves. Can’t move a team member from team to team to team to help robots level up.

A huge upgrade! Thanks!


G6 for VRC is equally well worded and gives details of permissible combing and splitting teams etc. Moreover, it clearly states that the EPs are not going to be keeping rosters of teams.

The bottom line - let the kids play a fair game as small teams at their level.


I also like how they fixed a lot of issues from Tower Takeoever, such as the game objects being an extension of the robot rule.

Edot: nvm this is IQ

A positive step forward, allowing adults to be mentors instead of babysitters. Well done GDC.


It’s fine, we can share the love of the new rules for both VRC and VIQ here :slight_smile: