Theoretical Worlds Division Lists

I’d say you should scout #1 - #100 right now, as they won’t change… but we already know who they are :stuck_out_tongue:

So every team with the team number 1034 and under, that is eligible has signed up?

I believe every team with the number 3000 and below is signed up.

So the championship high school division is divided internally to speed things along?

And to give more teams an opportunity to compete in eliminations. Middle school is also split into 2 divisions.

To find an example of how this plays out, I suggest you check out the robot events page from last years worlds:

What are the divisions? Do they affect the matches?

The high school at worlds is broken into 5 separate divisions, named Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math. Each of these divisions has 1/5th of the teams in it. In the tournament, teams only interact with others in their group, as each division acts as its own tournament. After 10 qualification matches, the top 8 seeds pick 2 alliance partners. Teams that are not chosen are eliminated. After a best of 3 bracket, the winning alliance of the division is crowned. These top 5 alliances then compete in a round robin best of 1 tournament(each alliance plays each other). The two alliances with the best records then compete in a best of 3 to crown the world champion.

500 spots now

Google Sheets does not enjoy it when I make 500 calls to Nathan’s API, and unfortunately those calls were being repeated rather often due to the large number of people opening the sheet. I have hidden the columns for OPR because of this issue.

Each division didnt display the 100th team of that divison(the spreadsheet only goes to 99th team)

Thank you, this has been fixed. The spreadsheet was originally made thinking that the number of teams would never reach 500, but obviously I was proven wrong.


By the way you are missing quite a few teams on that list, including my team and my sister teams. In total 48 teams are missing from that list.

That’s odd, I’m not seeing that for some reason? Did it just get updated?
Edit: Yup seeing it now

Is it just me or does the list appears deleted?

Yup. It is empty.

The URL in the import command is for the main page not the table. I made a copy of the list and fixed it by using the correct URL. The URL you should be using is I don’t have edit access so I can’t change the main page. For now you can all use this spreadsheet

I’m not sure if this is the same one, but I’m currently using the prediction chart from the vex treams of the world fb page. Seems to be working fine…

Edit: Nvm, it’s down too

I have fixed the sheet. I apologize for the delay in getting it back up and running for everyone. I heard it was not working, but when I checked on my phone it was still displaying correctly (probably a cached version or something), so I thought it had fixed itself.

The issue was that I had been using a “shortened” version of the URL to the Robot Events page for 2016 VEX Worlds,, which apparently has now stopped working for the import I was doing on the sheet. If you click that link, you will see that it still brings you to the event page, and it does not appear to be a redirect either, so I am unsure exactly why it stopped working, but I have changed it to import from the “long” URL,