Theoretical Worlds Division Lists

Last year, @Harrison2 posted theoretical division lists in early March.
It’s that time of year again, but I don’t have enough skills to make a division list for this year.
Is anyone capable of making some lists?

Here you go :slight_smile:

credits: Thanks to @LegoMindstormsmaniac for making it. U da real MVP :3

If that was the official list, Math would be a hard division :frowning:

I would like to point out that currently there are still three available spots for Worlds. When/if three more teams register, it could completely change all of the divisions.


True… Let’s hope for this:

As long as it offsets my team from being with the 3 disco teams that would be in the Math division :wink:

If division are organized the same way they were last year, these are official lists.

I believe there are still at least 2 more teams to sign up from the UK (possibly 1 more). 7975A, 6023S and 3116B qualified on Saturday, however I believe 3116B are unable to go, so this will shift the divisions around a bit.

will the OPR be updated for all teams because it is only showing a few teams right now?

@LegoMindstormsmaniac What is the methodology that you used to make this list? I know that teams from the same organization are spread across the divisions, but what other factors do you take into account?

I remember last year somebody did the same thing and the theoretical division list was completely different from the actual division list.

Anyways, thanks for doing this!

Correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t there only 2 discobots teams in the math division?

2 Canadian teams (1104G & 1104Z) and 1 Texan team (2587G)

Dear Ryan C. (8000),

I don’t think that’s true. If you compare their predictions with the actual divisions



Nick H. (8000)

I did the predictions last year, it was near 100% accurate. We were able to pre scout like crazy.

A member of BNS just explained to me how the division lists were created in years past. VEX, in recent years, has gone down the list team-by-team, and puts them in “STEAM” order. Apparently, only the latest version of the “Theoretical Division List” is accurate because a lot of teams register and drop out subsequent to the first iteration of the “Theoretical Division List”.

If a single team drops or is added to the list, every other team that is listed below is shifted down accordingly. That said, if this is indeed the final team list, this (according to historical data) should be correct.

Sorry for my mistake, I probably only saw the first iteration of the “Theoretical Division List”, and it was off from the actual division list I saw at World’s.

Just wondering, when could we reasonably expect this list to be finalized? Would we have to wait for VEX to release an official division list?


Probably when there are 500 teams registered. This isn’t the definite number of teams vex will let into worlds, but it seems like a nice, even number for them to choose.

The list would be finalized when the Robot Events Team List is finalized. Last year, that happened the Thursday before Worlds. Harrison and I had to update every couple days to make sure the list was accurate, but Jordan’s list automatically updates :slight_smile:

You would probably have a fairly updated list by the week before Worlds. Anytime before that you could vary, but just keep in mind that you can still scout, especially for teams near you number, as you have a high probability of sticking with them even if divisions change.

Yeah, that was fun @victory5776

@Harrison2 Yup! :wink: Checking the list one by one to make sure there were no discrepancies…hecka effcient! :wink: :wink: :wink: